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REVIEW: Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch


You girls might know that I has natural duck lips since baby T__T and also dry lips. It hard for me to use lipstick without lipbalm under it. I always use my Innisfree Eco Windy Greentea Lipbalm and bring it anywhere I go, because it hurts having a really dry lips.

Bell's Etude House offers me to try this lip gel, she kindly trust me to make a thought about this angel. Introduce, Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch.

wowww big lips! LOL

One packaging contains one lip gel. It's transparant and have a good thickness, not easy to torn apart. It has soft cherry smell. It really soft, but still I don't like cherry smell, and it depends on every user. I just don't like it since kid. No matter, I am trying to help my dry skin anw.
Look at my duck lips XD
It fits my lips, tho still quite bigger. Feel cool while using this. Comfortable!

Use it for about 20 minutes, while lying on bed, ahhh, very relaxing. It's not like usual face mask that tightening your face, still you can feel your lips hanging there, but you can't move it. It's OK, no probs for me at all :D

As you can see, the wrinkling lips softly gone, brighten my upper lips a bit, moist my lips. Maybe it's not too clear on the photo, some might say its because of lighting. But I do pretty sure that it really works well :D Worth to try!!

What I Like:
♥ Big mouth template
♥ Thick and not easy to torn it
♥ Moist my lips
♥ Brighten (a bittt) my upper lips
♥ Reduce my lips wrinkles
♥ Soft texture
♥ Not tightening my lips

What I Dislike:
* Cherry smell (It's very very personal, you might like it because its so soft)
* Just contains one lip gel.


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Miss Yessy is really friendly! Love her! 


  1. wahhh bagus git.. jd lebi shiny gt bibir km :D

  2. wahh hasilny jd bagus y, bibirmu jd lbh lembut n pink, hehe jd pgn nyoba

  3. Bagus ya hasilnya. Jadi lembab dan cerah. Nice review ^_^

  4. Wah keliatannya bagus dikamu, pengen nyoba ini tp ngag beli2 dari kmrn.. Punya bibir kering emang susah lah huffh

    1. iya ssussaaahhh banget, bete jadinya, aplg bibirku rada hitam karena kturunan T___T

  5. Bagus Git hasilnya... Tapi too pricey cuma buat sekali pakae (==) (*0*) Hehehe....
    Heyyy... Your lips itu so cute lohhh :p

    1. iya sabbb pricey ya T___T
      haizz cute apa sabbb itu jending gitu wwkwwkwkwkkwk :p\thankyouu

  6. Wow it seems nice, will go look for it~ <3

  7. look a bit awkward heheheeh tapi kalau bikin bibir jadi lembab then i should give it a try ;)

    1. hhahaha iyaa emanggg rada awkward gmana gtu >.<

  8. lucu bentuknya. :D seems it is a nice product.

  9. dari gambarnya aja keliatan kayaknya bibir jadi moist dan cool waktu dipake. dan bisa bikin warna bibir lebih terang ce? wah kayaknya harus coba, secara my upper lip lebih pigmented dari pada yang di bawah ._.

    1. iya kynya klo pemakaian rajin bisa deh dev >.<
      aku jga kok pigmented banget yg atas :(

  10. Ini beli dmn :( harga brapaaa bbm dong pin:2271574a


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