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Hello dear my lovelies! How was your day? I want to share about MOOTTA. It's a translation from Korean language, means "to ask". Based in Seoul, and they got mission to spread Korean culture/fashion/beauty to all over the world. 

Simply to say is: MOOTTA is a place where we can shop online from the Korean indie-trusted brands!
They have many Korean designers who designs the fashion, and made the match accessories for you to buy ^^

MOOTTA is quite popular in Korea, and now they have the website so we can buy their items too!

The very simple website, makes us easy to find the hierarchy lol. I love simple things! Just like my new blog's theme! Lovee!

As you can see, all of the brands are Korean, not famous in Indonesia indeed, and for me that's so cool!!!! We can use things originally from Korea and designed by Korean top class designer yet the indie designers too! It's very exciting!

They got blog too! We can browse for beauty tips, fashion ideas, and many moreeee ^^

Yes, an easy way to shopping online, good design, good packaging, good customer service, will be very satisfying :D

What are you waiting for? Launch to MOOTTA and shoppiiiiingggg time XD lol !
Please kindly like their facebook too! ^^

See you very soon my dear~! annyeong!


  1. Just known about this site, and will try to visit there soon.

    Anyway, will you join my giveaway ^^


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