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3 Masalah Saat Menstruasi dan Solusinya

Red blanket by Gabriele Viertel

How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car

Tosca Jewel's Dreamcatcher

Hello guys, you might all know my latest photoflight in early July 2014, with the theme of Bohemian. Thanks for all the people who support us. Thanks Jesus, without Your help, it won't be this beautiful.

GUEST POST: Perlukah Perawatan Wajah di Usia Dini?

By: Beverly Yonatan

Wajah adalah bagian penting dalam diri manusia, terutama bagi banyak kaum perempuan. Produk perawatan wajah di Indonesia kini semakin marak di pasaran, semakin mudah dijumpai. Produk kecantikan dan perawatan wajah sangat bervariasi dan beragam harganya sehingga dapat dijangkau d…


Hello dear my lovelies! How was your day? I want to share about MOOTTA. It's a translation from Korean language, means "to ask". Based in Seoul, and they got mission to spread Korean culture/fashion/beauty to all over the world. 

Simply to say is: MOOTTA is a place where we can shop online from the Korean indie-trusted brands!
They have many Korean designers who designs the fashion, and made the match accessories for you to buy ^^

MOOTTA is quite popular in Korea, and now they have the website so we can buy their items too!

UNIQSO - Perfect Big Eye

Hi Lovelies~! Introduce my lovely online shop UNIQSO, a trusted online shop that sells big eye circle lenses and another cute accessories. They based in Malaysia but they do ship overseas, wherever you are! ^^
I really love this online shop, they have very very very easy and friendly website to sh…

How Much to Buy a Beauty?

Happy holiday for all of my beauty creatures called 'Ladies'! Wish you had a great and peaceful christmas this year and an amazing 2013! *the world isn't over yet!* lol.
I had a very important things to share with all of girls here. Before, I want to ask, how much money you spend …

FOTD & OOTD for Bloggers


Apa kabar lovelies? Lagi pengen pake bahasa ibu nih :p lol
Aku lagi mikirin soal FOTD (Face of The Day) sama OOTD (Outlook of The Day), ya barangkali bisa jadi bahan diskusi :)

Jadi, setelah dapet beberapa referensi dan studi internet, aku mengambil kesimpulan begini:


IND:Biasanya yang r…

GUEST POST: Complete Without Kids

Being able to decide whether to have children is a luxury that many people are not afforded. Whether it’s as a consequence of personal circumstances or health issues, ultimately not having the option can be extremely painful and difficult to come to terms with.
For those who long to have children, but for whatever reason are unable, hearing parents moan about their respective offspring or lamenting their lack of personal time can at times be tedious and at worst engender resentment.

As you get older, it seems as though everyone is a parent. Activities are organised around children, play dates are pencilled in and if for no other reason than convenience sake, time is spent with other parents to accommodate the needs of the children. If you don’t have children you may find yourself feeling sidelined by those who do. Even when the children aren’t around, conversation largely focuses on their achievements and the daily dramas of their needs and nuances.

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Ephesians 3:20