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Absconding Reality GIVEAWAY + MAKEUP CHALLENGE: Bohemian

Hello pretty ladies out there wherever you are! Thanks for visiting. Absconding Reality proudly presents "BOHEMIAN" Makeup Challenge for all of you the makeup junkies all over town! :D
For some of you who hasn't know about Bohemian:


a native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
usually lowercase a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard forconventional rules and practices.
the Czech languageespecially as spoken in Bohemia.
a Gypsy.
of or pertaining to Bohemiaits people, or their language.
usually lowercase pertaining to or characteristic of the unconventional life of a bohemian.
living a wandering or vagabond life, as a Gypsy.

So, basically, for this Bohemian Makeup Challenge essential is: create your OWN Gypsy-ish modern makeup and style with elegant and mystical touch in it!

Wow, quite interesting right? Bohemian girls also sometimes describing a free young hearted artists who loves to travel and enjoying life :')
(So much inspired by this sentence I've found in the internet).

What will you get? For ONE winner will get:
FOR 100% FREE*

Professional MUA by: Mukti Lim
Avante Beauty Studio

A really great deal, you will get a special free photoflight that worth IDR 1.500.000!! Fabulous! So please follow the rules carefully Ladies :)
You just need INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK ACCOUNT to join this giveaway! Also another plus point for bloggers~

[english] STEPS & RULES:
1. Follow Absconding Reality instagram: @AbscondingReality and @MuktiLimMUA
2. Like Absconding Reality fanpage: and
Avante Beauty Studio's fanpage
3. Do your OWN makeup & style challenge (as your own interpretation)
4. Post it in your instagram account mention to @AbscondingReality and hashtag #AbscondingReality and #AbscondingRealityBohemianGiveaway (sorry for the very long hashtag lol)
5. Ask your friend to join too! You can mention them in instagram too
6. You may post one and more makeup/photos
7. (For bloggers) Make a blogpost about this giveaway, also share in your community
8. IMPORTANT: Send your photos to Absconding Reality fanpage messages box after doing the steps number 1-7!

[indonesia] LANGKAH & PERATURAN:
1. Follow Absconding Reality instagram: @AbscondingReality dan @MuktiLimMUA
2. Like Absconding Reality fanpage: dan
Avante Beauty Studio's fanpage
3. Buatlah makeup dan gaya Bohemian menurut versi KAMU sendiri (sesuai imajinasi sendiri)
4. Post foto kamu ke instagram dan mention ke account @AbscondingReality jangan lupa hashtag #AbscondingReality dan #AbscondingRealityBohemianGiveaway (maaf kalau hashtagnya panjang ya hehehehe lol)
5. Beritahu teman-teman kamu tentang event ini, bisa dimention di postingan instagram kamu loh
6. Kamu boleh posting lebih dari satu makeup/foto (bebas)
7. (Untuk bloggers) Buat sebuah blog post yang berinformas tentang event ini, isi post nya selanjutnya bebas sesuai kemauan kamu
8. PENTING: Jangan lupa KIRIM poto-poto kamu ke message fanpage Absconding Reality setelah melakukan langkah 1-7 yah!

1. Only one winner chosen by Absconding Reality's team and Ms. Mukti Lim.
2. Photoflight will held in JAKARTA ONLY, for contestant from another city please note that we won't pay the accommodation fees for you.
3. During the day of shooting, Absconding Reality will provide you a pick up service by private car, so don't be worry for the shooting day accommodation.
4. This giveaway closed in 10 May 2014
5. The shooting day will be discussed later with the teams.
6. Unfollow the account = blacklist for next event!
7. This photoflight worth IDR 1.500.000, and it's all FREE for the winner in this event!

[indonesia] SYARAT & KETENTUAN:
1. Hanya akan ada SATU orang pemenang yang dipilih oleh tim Absconding Reality's team dan Ms. Mukti Lim.
2. Photoflight akan diadakan di JAKARTA, bagi kontestan yang tinggal di luar Jakarta, tidak akan ada biaya pengganti akomodasi perjalanan dan lainnya.
3. Pada saat hari-H, Absconding Reality akan menyediakan fasilitas antar-jemput dengan mobil pribadi, jadi jangan takut/khawatir akan akomodasi pada hari-H.
4. Giveaway tutup pada 10 May 2014
5. Hari pemotretan akan dibicarakan lebih lanjut dengan pemenang.
6. Unfollow semua account = blacklist untuk event selanjutnya!
7. Pemotretan ini bernilai sebesar IDR 1.500.000, dan semuanya akan GRATIS untuk event ini!

Really easy to join right? So, what are you waiting for? Grab you clothes, accessories, makeup tools, and make over yourselves into Bohemian Girl!

For references, please take a look at the pictures:

Good luck everyone! :*


  1. Woohooo this looks so much fun! I'll try :3 btw mind checking my blog?

  2. very exciting!! gonna try to join the giveaway.. thanks for sharing :D



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