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Tosca Jewel's Dreamcatcher

Hello guys, you might all know my latest photoflight in early July 2014, with the theme of Bohemian. Thanks for all the people who support us. Thanks Jesus, without Your help, it won't be this beautiful.

With lots of effort, finally I can proudly publish the photos. If I might tell you, this is my one of the most struggled photoflight ever. Hehehe.

Thanks for TOSCA JEWEL for providing the gorgeous handmade dreamcatchers!! We loveeeeeee them!!!! It boost the beauty in our photos!!!! Here some of them:

They made/sell dreamcatchers in types and sizes, you may find out it has own uniqueness in every single them, with natural feather. Really indeed beautiful.
Visit their website to see the varian. The price is really affordable of course!

dreamcatchers to catch your dreams


  1. Baguss semuaa foto km Gitaa♥♥♥
    Paling suka foto terakhirr(^3^)

  2. cantik2 smua yaa
    naksir yang warna mint !


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