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REVIEW: Eye Candy Dolly Chocolate

Hell yeah Ladies, what's up! Another contact lens in a road for you to read! :D

I can announce proudly that this is the most comfortable circle lens I ever worn! I threw all my lenses to the trash because of expired dates. I don't use them every day, that's why I feel so terrible to see them at bin, but my eyes are more important :)

Thanks to Geo Softlens for this lovely-surely-i-would-restock lens, Eye Candy Dolly Chocolate. This is the first time I try Eye Candy brand.

Diameter: 16.0 mm
Water content: 48%
Life span: 6 months (why so short T_T)

Color and pattern: 3.5 of 5
It's just another usual pattern and color, nothing really stands out or unique. It is very natural look, and perfectly match with my hair/brow color. Though the color is quite dark, it doesn't makes the eyes look "empty" or "die" :)

Enlargement: 4 of 5
I look dolly enough? Lol~ Makes my eyes look bigger and cute, and "alive".

Comfort: 4.9 of 5
Nothing's perfect, dear, but I can give this score so high because this is really comfortable in my eyes. I never use any lens more than 8 hours a day (personal principle), and this surely be the most comfortable lens I ever worn ^^

I wore it for  my Baseball Photoshoot, do you like my photos? Hehehe. I feel so sporty and boyish!
I recommend this for anyone who wants to look dolly everyday but still natural. Nobody would recognize me wearing lens I guess lol~

The rest of my photos:


By the way, I am a bit worried because nowadays Eye Candy has many fake products!!!! IT SCARED ME so much *cry* 
Please ladies, be careful for what are you looking for. Miss Yuselin - Geo Softlen's owner, ask me to share this news for you. 

Note: this writing and photos are belongs to blog.


Untuk saat ini, produk fake hanya tersedia jenis Bulle warna Blue Grey dan Blue.
Berikut foto perbandingan dan ciri-cirinya.

Dari segi botol, ada beberapa perbedaan:

- Botol produk fake tidak tertera Batch Code.

– Font logo berbeda (terutama huruf e dan C)
– Format Expiry Date berbeda.
– Strip details di botol softlens lebih lebar.
– “Water Contents“(fake) vs “Water Content” (asli)

– Label botol lebih gelap warnanya (terlihat jelas di icon Lollipop)
– Bahan label fake glossy.

Dari segi softlens, perbandingannya sebagai berikut:

– Warna softlens fake lebih gelap dan pekat.
– Sofltens asli lebih muda dan transluscent (agak transparan)

– Garis hitam lingkaran tidak beraturan (terlihat di bagian terlingkar)

– Warna tone kuning lebih gelap.
– Corak spot hitam lebih pekat.

That's all gorgeous! Please be careful okay? Love yourself more :)

Where to get the original lens?
5% off mentionin 'rheablog' order on website

Got same as mine?

See you again~ 


  1. konsep fotonya keren git hehehe...sporty tapi ttp it!
    btw, aku br tau eyecandy ada palsu2nya juga..agak serem ya kl soal softlens gini karena kan ngaruhnya ke mata..untung kl eyecandy bukan merk fave. moga2 eos ga ada palsu ya..:D

    1. heheh makaciiiii ci :D
      iyaa serem banget yah, amin amin, belinya sama trusted seller aja ci aku mah >.<

  2. aah aku juga sukaa banget softlens ini super nyaman sampe pernah beli 4x, yang coklat 1x yang item 3x XD
    btw fotonya bagus bagus deh hihi ^^


    1. thankyou bella cantiikkkkk <3
      iyaaa bagus yaaaa di mata natural :D

  3. jadi pengen pake softlens lagiiii ><
    Anyway, say Hi to your new follower! :D

    Oiyaa aku lagi ada sale nih di blog, boleh mampir yaa makasii ^^

    Fairuz Inas

  4. Pass banget lg butuh ripiuu softlens, nice reviee cynn~ phitishiotnya juga cakeupp ^_^


  5. lensnya bagus , kliatan natural :D ngeri jg yah kalo ada yg fake ginian, sayang matanya T.T
    anw love ur baseball photoshots, so pretty :D

    1. iyaaa, belanja sama yg trusted aja deh >.<
      thankyouuu <3

  6. duh serem juga ya, semua skg ada versi abal"nya -___-
    btw enlargementnya cukup wow, biutipul :*

  7. konsepnya fotonya keren ce! XD
    serem juga ya ada circle lens abal-abal, kudu hati-hati kalau mau beli circle lens :(

    1. hehe thankyou dev :D
      iyaa serem harus ati2 huhu

  8. back pose is love it... beruntung nih yg udah jepret rhea... nice review...

  9. Wow such a nice review! The differents between the fake and geo are hug! O.O


  10. The effect is natural but very pretty

  11. Terima kasih compare yang ori dan fake nya :)

  12. Widiii,, serem juga yaa
    Padahal buat mata loh..
    Klo kenapa" kn sereeemm :'''((

    Sylvia's World

  13. Nah yang begini bikin takut nyobain softlens. Fake products berkeliaran >_<
    Natural banget lensnya. Nice review dear

    1. thankyou dear <3
      gapapa kok asal beli di seller yg dah trusted hehe


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