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REVIEW: RevitaLash Volumizing Primer and Mascara

Hi my pretties! Who loves wearing mascara? I can see thousand hands in the air, claiming it, lol.

I am must admitting that do not like it at all. I once has a mascara, and just in one application I gave it away to my friend, because it feels sticky in my eyes, and HARD to remove! I really hate that! My real eye lash will fall out whenever I remove the mascara, even with the waterproof remover! *cry*

Since then, I never wearing any mascara, and always use false lashes instead.

The first RevitaLash asked me to review this, I had rejection in my mind, I don't wanna be fake by mentioning good things about something that I didn't even use! But then like they can read my mind, they quickly said "this mascara is easy to erase and not waterproof, but smudgeproof" and I am just like WOW.

So I tried to be friend with this product and hope for the best. It comes in pair, you better try both: RevitaLash Volumizing Primer (blue cap) and RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara (silver cap), for a maximum result of real blooming lashes.

The first impression of the packaging is: they are so trustworthy, and I think I won't regret it. First let use the RevitaLash Volumizing Primer, to longer the eyelashes and make the mascara stay strong. It has electric dark blue color.

Use on hand, and use on lashes. My lashes is blue! lol~

And after a few seconds, apply the RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara on the lashes. It has deep black color. They have no smell at all, which is I love :)

The use of mascara, above the primer. As you can see, it can darken mascara's color.
Below picture is black and white version of my eyes, one is using both product, and one is only mascara. I made it in BW so you can clearly see the difference (not really much but I love the one with primer!)

And it is really non waterproof mascara! I SUPER LOVE IT! Why I need waterproof mascara??? Even if I cry with mascara, they won't ruin them, otherwise, don't cry Ladies :)
Really easy easy eaaassyyy to erase even just with WATER!

But, it is smudgeproof which I love, not easy to fall out or left stain if you touch them!

What I Like:
♥ Travel friendly
♥ No smell
♥ Natural ingredients
♥ Non waterproof
♥ Smudgeproof
♥ Bold color
♥ Primer makes the color last longer
♥ Easy to remove even with water
♥ Doesn't dry out my real lashes or make them fall out

What I Dislike:

* Sometimes it's takes longer time for me to use the primer first lol

I can recommend this with 4 of 5 stars for whoever hates sticky lashes! RevitaLash is really worth for every penny! Thankyou RevitaLash. I love them :)

Where to get this?


  1. iya ya ce, yg bikin males dari waterproof mascara itu kadang susah bersihinnya, kudu lama trus hati-hati kalau ga ntar bulu matanya pada rontok. jarang-jarang nih di indo ada mascara yg ga waterproof tapi smudgeproof kayak gini <3

  2. Wew lucu banget primernya biru! Kalo primernya sendiri tahan gak tuh, git? Mayan jadi kalo lagi sedeng bisa punya mascara biru haha

    1. hahahah tahan kok van! lucu yaaa biru-biru gitu, tapi kalo dari jauh gak gitu keliatan birunya sih hohohoho..

  3. naksir biru nya, asik beud A____A

  4. setuju, suka kesel sendiri berssihin mascara yg waterproof :3 .
    si primer nya bagus warna nya, tapi aku baru tau mascara ada primer nya '.'

    1. iaaa bener kan T_T
      iaa aku juga baru pernah pake primer lashes hehehe

  5. yang dipakein primer, hasilnya oke ya


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