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REVIEW: PAC Liquid Eyeliner - Miracle Green

Go Green! Hahaha~ See my go green eyes? I love the turquoise color from PAC Liquid Eyeliner in Miracle Green! The color is really shockin gorgeous!
Packaging is ordinary, black elegant and looks professional. I also love the sharp but soft applicator, make it easier to draw any defined line.

The color is very nice, pigmented, glittery, but I don't really like the texture because it's too liquid nearly like water :(
And also this is not waterproof and not smudgeproof, but still left stain even after erased with makeup remover.

 After rubbed with hands:

What I Like:
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Pigmented
♥ Gorgeous color!
♥ Shimmering 
♥ Can be used for everyday and glamour makeup also
♥ No smell
♥ Easy to apply
♥ Soft sharp applicator

What I Dislike:
* A bit hard to erase
* Glossy & shimmering finish, hard to define in light

for everyday makeup

for fashion glamour makeup

What do you think? :D


  1. wooo ini cocok buat double eyeliner *gatau namanya apaam* hihi

  2. Ah warnanya cakep banget ijo-ijo biru gituuu.. Aslinya lebih ke biru apa lebih ke ijo, git?

    1. lebih ke ijo sih van, kaya di poto gitu warnanya, cuma agak glossy, kalo kena lampu ya ga gitu keliatan

  3. cakep warnanya, ga perlu pake eyeshadow lg :D


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