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REVIEW: PAC Powder Eyeshadow - Baby Pink

Hello Beauties! Another PAC review in this week, PAC Powder Eyeshadow and I got in Baby Pink color, what a cute name ^^
As you can see in this close up eyes photo, the color is pale, sheer, and shimmering. I love how soft the color is, and it is very natural to use in everyday makeup. It was easy to use too, you just tap it with bare fingertip and voila~ No need brush.

The packaging is elegant, just like another PAC packaging, black and white dominated. This eyeshadow powder series has 24 shimmering colors, you may check the color chart here.
Mine is Baby Pink - number 12 - and it is indeed pink, but more pale and bright.

It is powdery (sure, the name was powder), and glittery. I am not a typical woman who can be neat, so yeah, I am just mess around with my makeup desk, this eyeshadow is one of my troublemaker tool, lol. I love the color so much, btw! Do you?

Swatch on hands. Though it's powder, they has heavy texture for each grain, so its not easy to fly away :)

The full color is rather brown-ish, but when applied into skin, it becomes more pinkish and beige.

Rub with hands result:

In the natural light, as you can see, it has lovely soft pale pink color, match perfectly with my skintone :)
You has to use primer first, because the staying power without primer is not so good, remembering the texture is powder, right?

I love the color! Suitable for any everyday makeup, also this color can be used as highlight!
This product is not waterproof and not smudgeproof.

What I Like:
♥ Lovely pale and pinkish color
♥ Easy to remove
♥ Not makes my eyes itchy
♥ Quite pigmented
♥ Heavy grained texture
♥ Natural to use in everyday makeup
♥ Can be used as highlighter

What I Dislike:
* Bulky packaging
* Left the glitter wherever I touch
* Messy

What are you thinking about this product? Lemme know! :D

pssttt, look at my face, i am using something to make it looks flawless, want to know what is that? stay tuned for my next product review!


  1. hasil nya terlihat seperti shimmer aja ya malahan ya git?? tapi kedepannya kayanya mesti coba powder eyeshadow ini.. nice review gita^^

    1. iyaaa heheh kaya shimmer2 aja gitu, makasi kak ^^

  2. really pretty color dear.
    looks good on you.

    Ms. Kei

  3. eaaa terdampar di sini lagi... selalu suka sama blognya... responsivenya bikin pengen.. sukses terus ya kak rhea....


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