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REVIEW: Starry Light Magic Eye Tape

Huuppaaa! Say hello to my double eyelid please~ Lol~ Super thankyou because of you Starry Light Magic Eye Tape, I can have double eyelid!
Thankyou Miss Stella Lee, my lovely friend and owner of Starry Light, this product is ah-mah-zing!
I normally hate to use eye tape, it's usually made by plastic or thin mica paper (i guess lol). And it is very bad for me because: it is heavy and i still want to wear false lashes! Nooooo lah, I don't want add 10 kg to my eyes :p

But thanks to Starry Light, thanks for having really light weight! Here is the instruction:

It has "half moon" shape with holes within it (why so hard to explain in words), just like in the picture, lol. I dunno what the material is, but it feels so soft to touch, maybe from a thin thread or a lace? I'll ask Miss Stella later :p
But I don't really care, since it's very soft and strong also.

Compare to usual mainstream eye tape (found in the internet):


It's quite big. Yes, indeed. At first I doubt that it can makes double eyelids in my eyes. We usually can find normal eyetape in very thin size, as you can see in the comparison photos above.
And after some time practice (yes i need to practice just like the first using false lashes) I finally can put it in the perfect place. Look at the difference!! :O

One more thing I love from Starry Light is: you can make double eyelid in any form, when I put it really high, I can make higher and deeper crease! Sure it depends on your taste :)
I loveeeee my double eyelid! I can make a proper gyaru eyes now! I also can make western makeup with deeper eyelids.
You can put Starry Light Magic Eyetape before or after makeup, but I prefer to use it before makeup. It's invisible to the makeup!

You will get a glue inside the package. The glue is transparent, but I prefer to use my Rubotan Glue. The box contains 36 pairs of magic eyetape, and every pair can be used only once.

What I Like:
♥ Natural and invisible in makeup
♥ Not makes my eyes itchy or sore
♥ 36 pairs in a box
♥ I can control the depth and height of the crease

What I Dislike:
* I need to use glue first and it makes my fingers sticky afterwards

Thankyou Starry Light!

Where to get this?

Starry Light ID

Instagram: @StarryLight_ID

BBM: 7E87D1A5
LINE : starrylight_id


  1. you look so cute with that eye tape!

    Tom and Tins

  2. Lovely post & you look so sweet! Happy weekend, babe! xoxo

  3. It's amazing how well that eyelid tape works for your eyes!!!
    I naturally have double eyelids, but my eyes droop a bit at the end so I have tried a few eyelid tapes, but none worked! I would love to try this one day and see if it could work for me!!:D

    1. thankyou dear. your eyes are wonderful <3
      yeahh this is worth a try :D

  4. So cool! I love the mesh-like appearance of the tape! I've never seen eyelid tape like this before!


  5. you look so adorable here, git :*

  6. your eyes look so big! you did a great job with your makeup, pretty!

  7. perfect double eyelids ^^ u look so cute :D


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