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FADING AWAY - Fine art self portrait by Gita Lesmana - Absconding Reality

Hi! Anyone here loves to wear dress? I am quite proud to say that myself is a DRESS FREAK! Lol~
Honestly, I was very boyish in my teenager times, but since high school I started to wear dresses, till now I am so addicted to them :)
I have my own fine art photography house based in Jakarta, Indonesia - Absconding Reality. Now I am also focusing in fine art self portrait and sometimes I collaborate with Indonesian's fashion designer.

This time I wear MOON MUSE, a beautiful white dress from It's Mew Signature, owned by Marcia Mulijadi, a talented fashion designer and a good friend of mine :)

I freakin love this dress, I love white, so white + dress means double loves! :D
You can see I wear this in size medium. Thankyou Marcia, you are so talented and kind. I give you some of my candid shoot with natural and unedited lighting.

I really love how the upper design looks like, it's anti mainstream and so pretty. Also with the soft laces in hip area, and the name is very catchy too.

WANDERING - Fine art self portrait by Gita Lesmana - Absconding Reality

I always have "hidden message" in every single portraiture of me. I love making this kind of style and wish I can do more more and more in the future :D

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For the lovely dress you can check their catalog in instagram: @itsmewsignature_id

See you! :*


  1. Beautiful dress!
    you look so beautiful!

  2. keren as alwayss, envy sama poto"nya >___<

  3. Wooooooow i love your dress *-*
    You are very beautiful <3

  4. cantik banget >< itu fine art self photography itu foto sendiri ? *0*


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