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REVIEW: Anna Sui BB Cream + Gathering

Hello Gorgeous! Another BB Cream review! I bet you will like this one! Shout to Anna Sui BB Cream wooo hoooo! I always LOVE Anna Sui for everything they made, don't you?
So this time, Anna Sui Indonesia just launched new product called Protective BB Cream - since it has 50 SPF PA+++, this deserve it lol.

I adore Anna Sui packaging design, always fancy with classic flowery touch. It has nice tube design with black victorian cap.

Anna Sui BB Cream has 2 colors: light and medium, and mine is light. I think this is too light for me too :p
The texture is heavy, not really easy to blend, and has superb nice rose smell!!!

I love how it turned out in my face, it has semi matte finish with medium coverage. The oil control is also good, and did not make me breakout. Also it doesn't left stain or sticky to my fingers.
Thumbs up!

Love love loveeee~ Thankyou Anna Sui for this great BB Cream! I was using this for Hian Tjen's first solo runaway for 2016 collection - Chateur Fleurs - I will make a post about that event soon, you all will love it! ^^

in the bathroom (sorry poor lighting)

Ah! I also came to the launching event, locate in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta. I met new friends, and that's all really fun!!

Let's judge the product~

What I Like:
♥ Travel friendly packaging
♥ Sterile and lovely packaging
♥ Semi matte finish
♥ Good oil control
♥ Medium coverage
♥ Has nice rose smell 
♥ Didn't make me breakout

What I Dislike:
* Not really easy to blend on skin
* Makes my skin a bit pale - since it is the light color

What do you think? XD


  1. OMG packagingnya cute banget git ^0^
    Kulitmuuu bikin iri gitaaa hahaha

    Gratefulbeauty Blog

    1. itu banyak pimple kok bikin iri ciii hahha karena bbcream bagus aja ini mah :p

  2. kemasannya lucu tapi elegan banget ce ^^
    cuma sayangnya shadenya cuma 2 ya, di cece aja yg light agak pale, mungkin yang medium jg masih agak terang buat medium skintone.
    btw setiap ngeliat sunny di mv you think, mesti keinget ce gita >_<

    1. ahhh bisa aja devii cantik <3
      iya elegan banget dan shade nya cuma 2 padahal bagus gitu >.<

  3. packaging nya lucuu bgt XD pengennn XD

  4. Packagingnya Anna Sui bagus2 ya... Girly2 elegan.. =)
    Ditunggu post Hian Tjen's runway nya... Sekalian sama make up looknya pas ke sana, OK bangettt... =)

    1. iyaa hehhehe sip sip makasiii yaaa and ditungguu XD

  5. Waahh... udah direview... cepet bener! hahaha....
    First look si Anna Sui BB cream ini sih suka banget sama packgingnya. Dia emang dolly banget!
    Cake make up nya pas di Hian Tjen's first solo runaway. Kulitmu flawless ^ ^
    Salam kenal, btw. Kita belom sapa-sapaan pas di event

    1. iyahh hehhe blom kenalan langsung ya :)
      aku juga suka packagingnya kaya princess gtu hahaha, makasi yaa ^^

  6. BB creamnya looks like skin banget, and gak keliatan cakey sama sekali. Pretty! <3

    Shop @vanitygoods

  7. The packaging is gorgeous! Was it limited edition, or can I still find it online?
    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

    1. yes it is :D
      no, it's not limited ed, and you will find it in official anna sui nearest to your place ^^

  8. aq ngga tahu produk2 yg kya begtu, tpi foto2nya cantik2 kok.. penulisnya juga cantik hehe


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