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Chateu Fleurs Runaway by Hian Tjen


I always love a runaway. Since I was a young girl, I could stare at runaway show at TV and wondering if someday I can walk on that majestic walk. Wednesday, 19 August 2015, Hian Tjen, one of the most respected fashion designer in Indonesia, held a solo runaway for his Haute 2016 collection called Chateu Fleurs.
Chateu Fleurs means Flowers Castile in English. He adopted this concept inspired by Beauty and the Beast, a legendary Disney movie. The runaway located on Dian Ballroom - Raffles Hotel Jakarta. I got this special limited invitation from Kairos Works Photography, thankyou!

This event is really prestigious, and the dresscode was black. I wish I had more time to buy some fancy black gown, because I feel very boyish in this black jumpsuit, lol. I always wanted to attend a ball party with big gown~

I went there with Amel Leo, one of Kairos Works' photographer. We dressed like school fellow in jumpsuit :p

This event is officially reported by NET TV, and some cool people who contributes is: makeup by Donny Liem & Andreas Zhu hair accessories by Rinaldy A. Yunadi, shoes by Rina Thang, photography by Moreno, choreography by Ari Tulang, and many more amazing people I cannot remember.

I FREAKING LOVE THE DECORATION AND ALLLLLLLLLL OF THE CONCEPT! Gosh, this is the real fine art fashion I always LOVED since kid. I just can't breathe, and speak no more. This is hilarious! As you can see, the runaway design is different form usual, it has loooonnggggg table in the center with kinda Alice in Wonderland themed - you know, like when Alice and Mad Hatter is having tea time :D
And don't forget to mention the superb horror-mystic castile design on the back!

Sorrryyyyy so sorry I cannot take proper photos, because the ambience is too dark and the models walked quite fast. Also I sat in the middle, so there are lots of heads in front of me. I did my best to take these shot without bothering another people behind me :)

I WISH I COULD HAVE A WEDDING LIKE THIS! Hahhahaha. Sorry for my excitement, I just too happy to see all of these gorgeous fine-art things: decoration, dresses, models, and talented people. I hope I can know Hian Tjen personally someday. Never seen this kind of runaways before. Usually runaway is always glamour.

Look at these creepy-horror-but-beautiful table decoration! I cannot get more excited than this.

Chateu Fleurs has a SUPER SUCCESS review from everyone. I took photos too with Rinaldy and Andreas.

pssst, Andreas is soooo handsomeeee!

Till next post!



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