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Hello ladies! Christmas is near, so let's pick your favorite dress and do your favorite makeup and let's have a great holiday with our beloved ones~ ^^
And in this post I want to share an idea to create a cute puppy eyes makeup that will melt everybody's heart with just a wink! :D
Who loves puppy? I have a siberian husky girl at home and I love her so much! Here are the cute puppies that I got from Google~ Chuuuu~

Aww~ Don't you love theeemmmm? They are God's gift to the world too! Dogs are humble, friendly, LOYAL, cute, and hug-able! 

Puppy eyes key is a downward eyeliner with some dramatic pleasing stare, which is so different with cat eyes makeup. I adore both of them, they give a really different sensation to my whole look :D

Here is my video tutorial, hope you all enjoy and don't forget to subscribe me okay? Will do more videos if you subscribe me XD

If you have any request please feel free to tell me, let's have a chat! Add me on LINE search my ID: @Rheakim (with @)

See you on the next post~! Woof woof~!


  1. pernah bikin puppy eyes kayak gini, but eyeliner punyaku ga tahan lama >.<

    1. mungkin eyelid nya oily ya? :( pake primer dlu sis hehe :D

  2. lucuuuk eye makeupnya >_< demen banget sama puppy eyes makeup, kebetulan mataku juga agak droopy ujungnya jadi lebih gampang bikin puppy eyes daripada cat eyes :/
    aduh ce, kenapa harus ditambah foto puppy yang lucu lucu, cuteness overload >_<

    1. wiiihh pasti lebih kiyuuuttt kalo gitu dev hehehe, apalagi km ada lipatan mata yang besar XD
      ahahaha iya dong puppy kan lucuuukkk :3 :3

  3. Oh very cute makeup tutorial
    Great video!
    I love it the puppy eyes!

  4. I saw your youtube video, it was so cute!
    Cant wait for more tutorials. ♥ : 3

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

    1. thankyou! let me know if you have youtube channel too :D


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