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REVIEW: Cowstyle Milky Body Soap Mild

Look! MILK MILK MILK! Who loves milk? *raising hand* I do adore milk so much! Since kid, I always drink milk everyday, and my mom tell me that I could drink milk all day without eat any food, lol~

So, talking about milk, did you know that milk has so many benefit for human inside and outside, thanks God for cows!

And thanks for Cow Style for making this lovely soap: Milky Body Soap Mild~ It feels like bath with pure milk everyday. But no worries for anyone who doesn't like milk smell, this soap has no milk scent at all.

It has white and super light texture, sooooooooft and gentle to touch! I love how it could clean my body very well, and it has no exaggerating smell. Just a mild sensation~
It also produces much bubbles, simply rub with water and create some bubbles~

Basically, take a bath twice a day for more healthy lifestyle. I surely recommend this Cowstyle Milky Body Soap Mild for you to try, since it has good smell, clean very well, gentle and soft for your skin! ^^

Thankyou Kawai Beauty Japan for letting me try this lovely soap, I feel refresh everyday :D


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