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Yoooooo~~~ Who watch Asia's Next Top Model? I love that reality show so much, because I cant join the competition, its already make me happy to watch on Starworld :") HAHHAHA
Indonesia got Aldila and Patricia in the cylce 4, proud of Ayu Gani that is the first Indonesian winner from ASNTM! Sometimes I feel that reality show is not really showing what happened, all of the drama was already scripted to keep the ratings high, don't you think so?

If you guys watched ASNTM 4 since the beginning, you might know Mai Ngo, the contestant from Vietnam, she's so rude and I think SHE WAS LUCKY to join the competition. *angry*
I adore Aldila so much too, she is beyond gorgeous, she's very lovable, and after the makeover session, she's became mooooorreeeeee lovely ^^


I noticed Sang In in the cycle 4, she is so fierce and edgy, I dont know why I love this Korean girl! Soooooo today I am gonna recreate one of Sang In's look in the photoshoot.

LOOK AT THAT EYES, much curiosity in them! But I keep guessing the makeup artist, what kind of makeup is thatttt??? hahahaha.

And here are my version, don't laugh! XD

DID YOU KNOW? In this makeup look, I made a tutorial, and it's a challenge actually. I collaborated with amazing vloggers: JIHAN and DWI ENDAH, you may check their version of NO BRUSH MAKEUP CHALLENGE, super tense and fun to do!!! XD

And this is my video tutorial, if you want to watch :) Do comment and subscribe okay? :D

Love ya!


  1. aku juga pantengin ini dari awal dan yg paling aku suka tuh kalo soal karakter ya emang aldila, wise dan calm aja gitu ya dia. Soal Mai Ngo kok kayaknya aku ngerasa dia wajar aja kalo diawal gamau gabung ngomongin orang lain, jadi kayanya emng yg lainnya aja yg pada baperan. Malah ga suka nya justru sama jessica yg kesannya waktu itu ngedeketin sang in cuma krn biar bisa dikasih telponan. Sama alaiza yang too rude. *tuh kan jadi ngomongin beginian*

    suka sama ini kok, had so much fun watching your vid. hehe

    1. iyaaa tapi pas mau di makeover si maingo lebay banget padahal dia harusnya dah tau dari awal kan klo bakal ada sesi itu dan harus rela diapain aja, huhu, tapi dia cantik sih, di IG aku liat poto2 dia keren2 gitu hehe, sukur deh semua sukses sekarang kan. iyaaaa aku sukak banget aldila, humble kayanya orangnya. HAHAH jadi gosip dong XD

      Thankyou yaaa ^^

  2. pentengin dari awal jugaa, sang in favoritku bangettt, awalnya juga ga suka mai ngo, tapi setelah dia keluar gk sukanya sama angie.. setuju juga soal aldila, sebelum makeover dia biasa aja, tapi setelah makeover jadi makin cantikk, rambutnya pas banget buat dia >__<

    1. iya kaaan, aku tuh soalnya yuaaakkiiinn buanget sama yg makeover the models, semua nya stylist dan hairdresser professional gitu jadi mereka ngerti cara bkin models lebih all out dengan rambutnya! pas abis dipendekin si aldila langsung melejit kerennya!! <3

  3. I LOVE the way this turned out. Your makeup is even better than the Top Model contestant! That lip colour is literally made for you. I love love love it! You look gorgeous :)


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