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REVIEW: Vitacreme B12

Hei, how's your skincare routine? Does it going well? I have new products to try, they're from Sociolla and here are Vitacreme B12 Sunscreen and Lightening Beauty Cream!

As usual, Sociolla always come with a cute pink box which is I adore, and tadaaaaa, Vitacreme products were inside it! I ever heard about Vitacreme, it's quite popular outside Indonesia. But I think you cannot get Vitacreme unless from *love*


It has 30++ SPF which is very good for Asian skin, since it has much pigmentation on the skin (read about sunscreen 101 explanation to know more: Sunscreen 101)

I love how it doesn't too STICKY to my face like usual sunscreen, and it can be used to body too :D every sunscreen that I've tried were all sticky, I think they are do.
You know Jakarta (and the world also) has become more hotter and I hate UVA UVB, they are harming our skin, so I think sunscreen is a must have item for every people (not just woman)!

The scent is nice, no weird or chemical smell, and I love it~ 


I always has some sceptical thinking towards "lightening" products, it feels very awkward to myself, like seriously does it contain dangerous chemical ingredients or not. But then I checked on the box, it has NO PARABEN and 100% natural ingredients. I googled and found 9/10 bloggers found this product amazing, so I feel relieved.

I tried it for some months, I don't really feel the "lightening" changes on my face (lol), but my face is smoother and dewy. I don't get breakout or itchy skin after using this cream, but I don't really feel something new :p

It might be different in every skin, I tried so many skincare product and that's maybe the reason why I feel numb lol!

If you interested to buying these babies, you might check them in since Sociolla is the only e-commerce who sells Vitacreme B12 products.

And don't forget to apply code RHEA50 to get you 50.000 IDR OFF for minimum purchase of 200.000 (what a great deal, it has FREE SHIPPING all over Indonesia too!), you can use the code for every products there but not the sale one :)

See you again!


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