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Paul & Joe Beaute Foundation and Lipstick

Heyoo~ Am too exciteddd because Paul and Joe Beaute is now available on Sephora Indonesia store (not online). Yuhuuuu~!!!

Never heard about this brand before, but I fell in love at the first sight with these babies at the launching party. Let's take a look deeper shall we :D

This is Paul & Beaute Primer Foundation, look how cute and princessy is this babe! It has pump, very secure and sterile. Love the smell, like flower's scent. And the most awesome part is: even though this is a primer, it also has a good coverage like foundation! Has a SUPER glowing finish. Pinkish at first application, but somehow will blend with my skintone :) 

Good job!

See? Pinkish finish color! Suitable for dry skin type (me!).

And this is Paul & Joe Beaute Gel Foundation that is also very princessy and feminine. I super loveeee the packaging design, what a great designer they have. Look at that embroidery! 

I thought that the texture is like BB Cushion like I always loved, but it's different irl. It is a foundation in a cushion! And it's solid! Am quite surprised because this is a new type of foundation that I've tried. Not watery, heavy texture, but have a medium coverage. It can covers my complexion perfectly (see the more details and result on my video below~).

The color I got is no 40 - quite yellowish - very very very suitable for Asian skin tone. I think western girls with pink undertone skin couldn't match this color :/
The result is quite matte, and when it applied after the (super glowing) primer, it has a perfect healthy glow coverage!!! Really! :D

It's been said on the description that this gel foundation contains 80% of water, that's why I guess it doesn't make me breakout or itchy or bloating or cakey. It really moist my face ^^

Finally the last but not least, Paul & Joe Beaute Lipstick and what I got for the refill is their Summer 2016 collection so it's happening right now I write this post! :D

LOOK AT THOSE CAT DETAILS! How comeeeee it's so cuteeee I'm gonna crawl!! The center (cat pattern) is the lipstick, and the rest is lipbalm! Can you imagine? Moist, dewy, smoothen, and kawaii~~!!

To see how the color going on my lips is on my video below, please watch, and subscribe :D

Anddd I super recommend this Paul & Joe Beaute to you anyone who has normal to dry skin, with yellow undertone skin, and a slave of cute packaging like me lol!

Available at Sephora Indonesia store (Plaza Indonesia, Kota Kasablanka, Central Park, Kelapa Gading)

See you again~


  1. waa pekejingnya too die for, cute bangeeeeet. Pengen lipsticknya huhuhuuu

    The Journey

  2. Lipsticknya ada gambar meong.. so cute!

  3. Lipsticknya ada gambar meong.. so cute!

  4. Packagingnyaaaaaaaa gittt lucu banget
    Pengen lipsticknya! Akhirnya ada yg review juga♡

    1. lucu banget mi, ini mah lu banget dehhh ahhahaha <3

  5. What beautiful items! I cannot get over how cute that lipstick is. What an amazing design!

  6. this is great. Thank you for the review. i love their design,it's so cute

  7. I love Paul & Joe products! I haven't tried several of these yet but they are on my wish list. I have tried their pressed face powder and a couple of their eye color trio palettes from b-glowing. I love the shades and how well they can be seen even with my glasses on.


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