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Quarter Life Crisis

Dear 1991 babies,

Well, congratulations first, you've made it to the quarter of an age. Thanks for opening this post. No im not gonna write some poems, or novel. I also dont have any solution for your problems. I just want to share, my thoughts, my feelings, and telling you that you are not struggling alone. 

Look at the children play with their toys, you know, sometimes i miss being a kid, i know you all do. But at some point, you realized that you grown up. You start to wondering some questions that have no answers in your mind. For me, i think 20 and 21 were my best years of my life. I graduate, i have my freedom, i have best people around me, and i was doing good. 

But i keep growing, until one day, life became not so easy. I start to lose some people, i start to think about my future seriously, i have to deal with regrets, and the most important is: i start to really doing my responsibility. I think you all do. If you understand this kind of feelings, you might smile like i do now. 

You start to asking yourself, who are you, what is your passion, who are your real friends, what to do, and all of them keep going in your mind. 

Some of your friends were getting married, some get an excellent position in career, some might have another school in a fancy country, and some had a successful business. 
You start to wonder why, they're so lucky, and you feel that they're running faster and higher than you. Or i can say - you feel like left behind. You feel that dreaming is easier than living.
But little did you know, that some of friends were broke up with their lovers, some being in pressure at job, some got drop out from college, and some were still hoping for a job. 

I realize, that everybody has their own journey. Life is not a competition. You and i, we have our own story, keep in faith that everything will be placed on the right time, never too early, or too late. 
Someday you will figure it out, why was this happened and you could deal with your regrets. 

I dont know what is going on with your life, i feel sorry for bad things that hitting you right now, but one thing i know, you are not alone. You're struggling, me too, everybody does. Keep on believing that everything good takes time and it will come to you. 
You will find your passion, you will help more people, you will get married, have beautiful babies, and you will live out loud. Dont forget that life is a gift. Forgive yourself, smile, because you look beautiful. 

Remember, everything will be allright. 

June 2016.


  1. gitttaaa *hugs* somehow I do feel the same.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts <3 let's keep fighting =)

    1. yeesss, 1991 babies we're! :D keep in faith and fighting! ^^

  2. hmm, aku juga pernah melewati masa-masa itu, jangan menyerah ya sayang, keep fighting *hugs*

    The Journey

    1. iya ciiii sekarang sudah lewat yaaa heheh *hugs* lopyuu

  3. bahkan sekarang pun aku sudah ngerasain perasaan itu ce :( keep fighting for both of us!

    1. kwkwwk karena sudah menjelang 25 ya :p yeeeyy fighting!

  4. Same 91 liner here,Rhea and i feel you !this post speaks about my deep thoughts actually ..let's us never stop reaching our dream :)

  5. persis yang saya alami sekarang, namun percaya semua akan baik-baik saja, terimakasih


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