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Ash Brown Hair - I GOTTCHA!

Hai gus whatssupp how was your day. I have been so sick with my blonde-yellowish hair color and it annoys me everytime I see myself in the mirror.

One day I uploaded my picture on instagram (@rheakim), where I played with hair color application and ask my followes what color suit me best. The answers are overwhelming, I didnt expect to have too many answers that shouting "blue" lol. Never thought that I dare myself to go blue. 

So it challenged me a lot and I bought this Manic Panic Blue Steel from Binkdotz shop. I dont really know if it would works well to my hair so just give it a try. 

As you can see it has a superrrrrr beautiful color in the tube. I wish my hair could be this good lol. But honestly I dont know what color would be in the end, mixing yellowish blonde with this blue = no idea at all. I love Manic Panic because it is 100% vegan and against animal testing, also means it wont harm your hair (of course bleach does).

I painted the creamy blue colors to my hair one by one - thought I spent total 3 hours just to dye my hair at home - make sure you are not planning going anywhere :p

The color seemed so pretty on my damp hair, like mixing blue and grey, super love, but I dont put any expectation so I wont get hurt lol.

2 hours painting my hair one by one, my fingers got wrinkled hahaha and 1 hour to let the color absorb to my hair. 

Look at this silly before photo - how I hate this color. 

VOILAAAA~~!!! I did not see this coming nor expecting any, butttt loookkkk haahhahahaa I GOT A WASHED ASH BROWN color instead of blue steel. So funny I cant explain my expression for the first time. But I love this color tho, even it's not blue. 

Hahaha. Its not bad, eventho I dont get the color I desired, at least I dont get the color I disliked. Its a win win. So welcoming my ash brown color! Thanks for reading and see you at next post :*



  1. aku kira warnanya langsung jadi biru tapi ternyata birunya belum keluar. mungkin harus beberapa kali bleaching sama coloring ya ce? tapi warna yang ini oke juga kok ce. can't wait to see you blue hair ^^

    1. iya deviii sedih banget tapi ngakak hahaha, tube biru hasil coklat.. makasi cayang <3

  2. Yaaa jdnya ash brown ya.. pengen ngewarnain sndiri jg tp tkt ga berhasil 😂

    1. hahaha iya kan ci kocak kan aku ngakak sndiri ampean... cat donggg pasti kece!

  3. hwaaaa!! i need to do thissss!!! need to get my yellow tone brown off my head :"D

  4. Hi!
    will you have photos of the ingredients?
    I am mainly interested in knowing the CI


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