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REVIEW: Make Over Complexion Set Base

Hii Ladies, sorry for my hiatus, now I am back, and let's talk about base for makeup! ^^ Recently I love to use foundation for my everyday makeup (usually I use bb cream), and I think I got lot better coverage.

But people says that it will harm the skin since foundation has heavier texture than bb cream or compact powder. I can't agree but can disagree too, since it has no evidence on myself  :|
Well, I am a fan of flawless base, so I don't really mind that kind of myth - as long as I can remove all the makeup at night clearly, there will be no problem :)

Allright, MAKE OVER, one of my favorite brand, they gave me a package of Complexion Set consists of: Liquid foundation, Contour and Blush palette, Eyebrow palette, Compact Powder. Let's try this! :D

I SUPER LOVE the liquid foundation mixed with the pressed powder, look at my face below, before and after. See how perfect the base is! Texture is very nice also: suit for all skin type. I do love the staying power too. Completely in love and recommend this Make Over Complexion set for anyone who loves flawless makeup. But I haven't tried the contour palette yet lol, and will review the eyebrow palette in the next post (wait for it).

Make Over Liquid Foundation + Compact Powder

What I Like:
♥ Easy to use!!
♥ Not make me breakout
♥ Flawless matte finish
♥ Good staying power
♥ No weird smell

What I Dislike:
* Has no spf
* Liquid foundie is not travel friendly :(


  1. yes, eyebrow palette please hehehe
    setelah pake foundation emang jadi flawless banget, tapi beforenya juga udah flawless <3

    1. iyaaa bagus deh vi itu foundie nya hehee, ahh bisa aja makacii :*


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