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REVIEW: X2 Lace Lens - Blue

Yuhu~ Another circle lens review this month. Got this X2 Lace Lens officially from X2 Indonesia. And I don't know why I got the blue one, I remember I mentioned I want to try the brown one on the email lol.

So the packaging came with eyelashes which is very lovely, I like the design.

The design is really cool, I love the "lace idea" for a softlens, so cute and girly, but I think the idea is not working with this BLUE color. Maybe will work best for brown and black. It is really beautiful but you can't see it on blue color. Also the blue doesn't blend with my eyes, I feel like there's blue halo outside my iris XD

But I SUPER LOVE THIS IS SO COMFORTABLE to use! I swear I think I didnt use any lens because it's so comfy and my eyes can breathe easily inside the lens. Thumbs up for the curve and water content. It's soooo thin and I can wear this a whole day.

6 Months supplies
Ocufilcon A
45% Water
Base Curve
: 8.60 mm
: 14.5 mm
Power Range
: 0.00 – 6.00 (step 0.25)
6.00 – 10.00 (step 0.50) Grey, Black, Brown
: Pink, Blue, Lime Green, Yellow

The effect on my eyes is quite dramatic, not natural at all, and doesnt make me look dolly. Because it is blue, maybe it would be a different look if its black. I can use this lens for cosplay or any fantasy makeup, but def not for my everyday use (my personal opinion). What do you think?

Check X2 lens design:

Tell me what is your opinion? :D


  1. Kirain ini review bulu mata :D
    birunya dipinggir2 gitu lucu juga, jadi nggak full biru semua

    1. iyaa ada bulmat nya hehehe iya lucu tapi ga natural klo sehari2 ^^

  2. Asliikk itu biru di pinggirnya cakep bangeeet. Hihi ngeblend banget di mataa


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