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REVIEW: O-lens BaviPhat 3 Color She'z Brown

Haiii everyone, this post I will tell a review about my new lens from Pinkicon. Basically Pinkicon is an online shop based in Hongkong, and they sell circle lens, wigs, makeup, and lashes.
I got love struck when I saw this O Lens Baviphat 3 Color, and I really want to try the brown one. So here we go! :D

I can say that the pattern is really good and pretty, it's like real eyes and I love the ring that makes my eyes look bigger and dolly. Also has a natural feelings because the color is brown. Not dramatic which is very suitable for everyday use.

For the comfort, I can say that it's quite comfort but not really easy to adapt with my eyes for the first time, and I think this is very normal. I love the "doll" feelings after using this lens, but didn't look exaggerated. 

D.I.A: 14.50mm
COLORED D.I.A: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Package: 1 pair 2 bottles
Duration: Half Years
Origin: Korea
Color: Brown

Though it said that it has 14mm dia, I feel like my eyes got bigger. And the water content, it fits me perfectly, I always choose 38%-45% water content for my eyes, considering my eyes always get dry easily.

Overal, I give this lens rating 4 of 5, I can wear this everyday and look dolly, but I think it's not really comfort to wear abover 5 hour :)

If you want the same lens like mine you may check this:

You can browse their lens, they have so many design and various products :)


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