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Rollover Reaction Sueded! Swatch & Review

Haiii girls, sorry got me quite a really long time to review and swatch this Rollover Reaction Sueded liquid lipstick. I done filming this but for unknown reason, I LOST THE FOOTAGE! I was so upset and now I re-filming this video :)

So I admit I was so excited from the first time I saw Rollover Reaction on instagram, and all the colors are so beautiful in my eyes, I am a bitch for liquid lipstick!!
Got all the colors from the first series: Sueded! and I think their quality is seriously good, I am happy that this is 100% Indonesian.

So here are the swatches on my face, my favorite is Sally and Lizzy. You may watch my video for the details, I was babbling too, please don't hate me lol.

What I Love:
♥ The colors of course!
♥ Doesnt dry my lips
♥ Staying power is good
♥ Nice smell
♥ Classy packaging
♥ Creamy texture
♥ Kissproof
♥ Nude and matte!

What I Dislike:
* Has weird cool effect at first

What do you think? What color you like the most? :)


  1. ini nih produk lokal yang keren banget, packagingnya juga oke dan pilihan warna nude-nya ga cuma satu dua doang ^^

  2. Replies
    1. saddie is cool, yes they're all beautiful :D

  3. Warna nude nya pada cantik. Jatuh cinta. Cuma ya gampang sold out. T^T

  4. Saddie looks so pretty on you<3
    Salam kenal ya, Rhea!

    Rona Permata //

  5. Lizzy cakep bangeetttt!! Duh...kayaknya bakalan beli nih ^^

  6. Paling cakep pakai Saddie. Cakep banget di kamu hehe. :D


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