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NYX The Goddess of Night Face and Body Painting

Hello Universe! It's been a long time no posting about makeup play, I am sorry sometimes I forgot to post at blog, after filming and upload it on YouTube :(

So, anyway, I am joining NYX BIG THING Makeup Challenge held by NYX Cosmetics Indonesia and the theme is "Goddess" - what a beautiful theme right! At first I was like too underestimating my self because I know there will be A LOT of super mega talented artist who will join this competition and I have no chance at all.

But then I got so many support from friends, I love you guys really! I tried to pump my brain to find some ideas, like always - I don't wanna be mainstream and beautiful. Yes, beautiful, I know that my "pretty" makeup skill is really faaaarrrrrr from the others and I admit it. So I just maximize what I got in my hand - uniqueness! I find it really fun and effortless if I do something that is come from myself and not to copy others :D

Here I am - NYX THE GODDESS OF NIGHT - the mother of Darkness and Death (actually she got a lot of offsprings lol). I fell in love with this Greek goddess because of her image. I should make Rhea's makeup because I am Rhea lol, but today I just wanna glow!

Those are the picture before I turned off the light. I got my UV body painting from store, it was in a rush, thanks to Gojek for saving my super late ideas. Simply apply the black face painting and create the universe with UV body painting - please kindly watch my youtube video for tutorial :D

Turn off the light and turn on the UV light! I GLOW BABY! Super proud of myself that finally can conquer my fear and laziness!! I already did the painting last day but was not satisfied enough so I created again on the next day. Thankyou so much Amel Leo for helping me doing this fantasy thing! She's such a great talented artist too - check her instagram:

The concept is I still want to look modest but extraordinary. Far from luxury because SHE'S A GODDAMNED UNIVERSE GODDESS like she doesnt need money and gold and everything in the world lol. She's haunting your sleep and gift you with nightmares!

I got headache after filming this UV body painting for two days in a row. You know I had to stare the UV light bulb for more than 8 hours in total of 2 days. I think my cylinder is getting plus one lol. But it was fun actually, it was my first time using UV painting to my body and got fascinated myself to see it glow for the first hit by light! And of course it was fun also to take a bath after filming - lots of black water hahahahaha!

Check out my video and do subscribe ok? ^^

Thanks for reading and see you again! xx


  1. Aku kagum banget liat ini gita. Keren banget makeupnya. Semoga beruntung ya!

  2. Kereeeennn. Good luck kak!

  3. An alive, breathing Universe. That's you, Git! Super keren idenya!

    1. Awww that's a cool description! Thanks Stef <3

  4. It's so worth a spot in Buzzfeed! Goodluck, dear!

  5. Good luck Gita, ini mah pastiiii menang :)

    Btw baru main ke sini lagi, templatenya baru ya hihihi

    1. yg laen juga kecee sadis parahh ci hehe iyaaaa makasi ya dah mampir :D


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