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Too Cool For School Art Class Rodin Highlighter

Hi girls did you notice that lately I've been addicted to highlighter yasssh baby, something that will glow up my face. Never knew before that one single touch could make a difference in my makeup look. 

So I found this at CHARIS market, this is Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Highlighter, what a long name lol. Super love the packaging, yes because TCFS products never fail with packaging - always worth to show off on instagram :p

It has only one shade - but inside there are three colors. What I love the most is: THEY ARE NOT GLITTERY! Shout to that gurl! Because I far choose matte glowing rather than glittery one. I want to look glowing but not similar to the disco ball - I know I am complicated HAHA!

If you know what I mean, right :)

So this is the real product color - pretty pretty prettyyyy super pretty! It has three different colors - cream, beige, and soft mauve, which creates an illusion of blush to my cheek. No big differences between these three colors.

 highlight is on fleek!

without and with highlighter (frontal view)

Too pretty to handle, huh? Feel more healthy and gorgeous with just a swipe lol. I also adore the packaging, and be sure to bring this baby whenever I go travelling! ^^

If you want this highlighter you can buy it here. CHARIS provides affordable prices! No doubt *cool*

What do you think? :D


  1. akhirnya bisa buka blog post ini dari dashboard ce \0/
    warnanya supaaa pwettyyy, dan untungnya no chunky glitter ya haha #teamantiglitter

    1. serius vi? waaaa senangnyaaaaaaaa <3 <3
      hahaha iaaaaa kan males klo kerlap kerlip kaya apa aja XD

  2. ud penasaran lama bgt sm highlighter ini, dulu smpet beli tp pecah pas shipping T.T
    yg skrg blm kluar2 dr bea cukai huhu.. T,T

    1. huhu sabar ya rinnn beacukai tuh suka nahan2 barang emg :(

  3. yang bikin ga nahan masukin ini ke whislist
    1. Packagingnya supeeerrr duper cute donk!
    2. Warnanya cakeeepp, santai dan warm cocok buat skintone asia
    3. all in one, bisa buat shadow atau highligt haha

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. iyaaa banget wieee hahahha kaya ga ada negatifnya gitu yah lol. bisa instagramable banget juga klo mau buat properti foto lainnya XD

  4. Yaa ampun... Mau.... Btw ni template nya imut bgt si... Aaaa

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  5. Lucu bgt packagingnya..!! Warnanya juga baguuss.. =)


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