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REVIEW: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF15

Hello Ladies, today I want to share about my latest favorite moisturizer that is Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. I love Cetaphil since a long time ago, I am a user for the gentle facial wash. Guess what, my cranky dry skin super love it! And I know that I will love this one too! :D

The packaging is ordinary like Cetaphil usual design, and I like the pump system, it keeps the cream sterile and very easy to use.
One pump can gives a pea sized cream with quite heave texture. It's not watery (light), because it has SPF within. What I love the most: is not sticky at all to my face. I am not a fan of sunscreen (though I have to use it everyday!) because most of them are sticky.

Once applied to face, absorb quickly which is very very nice. After that I can continue my morning routine with primer and foundation and so on. Now this baby becomes the first thing that touch my skin before I go out of home :D

On face after application: no color, no smell, no sticky, no oily, no greasy, no patchy. All good. Good job, Cetaphil! That's why I always love your products - always worth the price :)
Remember, it isn't foundation or CC cream, so it doesn't cover blemishes, and you still need to apply primer before foundation! (Jadi cewek emang ribet yah lol)

What I Like:
♥ Moist my face (of course)
♥ Has SPF
♥ Pump packaging
♥ No sticky and many nos like I mentioned before
♥ Absorb quickly
♥ Safe to use to children too
♥ Soft and gentle

What I Dislike:
* Not travel friendly I guess, though it has lock system in the pump, I still have trust issue with this kind of packaging lol. Besides, it's quite bulky so the solution is I will transfer some to the jar whenever I want to travel with it :)

Where to Buy: or for this product simply click here
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See you at another post!


  1. Setuju git, packaging agak bulky tapi suka produknya. Ngeresep cepet di kulit. Aku yang normal to oily ga makin oily pakai cetaphil hehe

    1. iyaaa erny aku juga favorit banget nih kulit kering ku jg jadi lembap :D

  2. suka banget produk yang pakai pump serius. selain gak mudah tumpah2, dia juga jd tetep steril didalem :D thanks for the review kak

  3. bulky ya tapi lebih higienis,
    aku pernah cobanya yg kemasan tube suka kebanyakan kalau lg mencet badan tube nya hehe.

    1. iyaaa gapapa deh bulkyy hehehe aku juga tuh klo odol gitu


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