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Maybelline Flush Bitten Lips Swatches

Hello Gorgeous~ I really want to share this lipstick review to you. These lipsticks are Maybelline Flush Bitten Lips and they are really unique! It can creates Korean ombre lips in just one swipe! Why? Because........ 

.....Taa-raaaaaa~!!! They have the most unique pattern among all lips! Look at those gradations, so cute right? Each has concealer, medium, and bold colors all in one bullet. So you can create ombre lips in just single swipe for instant :D

Here are the swatches:

0R01: It has orange kind of color that will look fresh!

PK01: It has magenta kind of color that will look cute!

RD01: It has red kind of color that will look sweet!

RD03: It has wine red kind of color that will look sexy!

I love this lipstick, really easy to use and has a very nice smell. Staying power is standard, like 4-5 hours without eat or drink, just like usual lipstick :)

My favorite is the last one, the red wine color. Super love the effect on my lips!!♥
Watch me swatch on video too for any details and instruction, don't forget to subscribe me :D

What I Like:
♥ Beautiful colors
♥ Easy to apply to create ombre lips
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Nice fruits scent
♥ Not make my lips dry
♥ Has lip balm in it
♥ Has concealer (dark lips team no worry!)
♥ Gloss finish

What I Dislike:
* A bit sticky (its lipstick tho).

Where to buy: or simply click here
Discount code: SBNLAPM0 for min 250K.

What color is your favorite?


  1. Kok aku pake kaya lipbalm ya. Lol. Ga mau gradasi gitu 😅. Anyway I like it tho

    1. ada beberapa yang ga kluar emg jess hahaha musti di swipe berkali2 gtu XD


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