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How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car

Hello Ladies, anyone lives in car for everyday? Me! *raising hand* I always stick with my car because I have a lot of activities that require me to be mobile. Sometimes I use public transportation or online platform for work but I prefer to drive my car - because you know, I had to carry so mucchhhhh things with me like laptop, books, bag, shoes, etc 😓😓

So yeah I train myself to get ready in a rush, even when I'm inside car lol. You want to know what I learned? Keep reading ;)

Anyway, that is not my car, it was Toyota Sienta. But I wanna show you that my car also has so manyyyyyy things inside and I got lovestruck when I saw this Sienta interior, I mean the arrangement for the makeup bags! Look!

How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car #1: Keep your things organized in some proper boxes.

Yes you read it, I am quite lazy to arrange my things in car, I admit that my car is a mess 😂😂😂  but this is a very brilliant idea, right? I need to buy some boxes maybe from Ikea, they're affordable. I use makeup for my daily basis, and this kind of boxes will help me a lot! You can also keep your shoes, accessories, clothes, and etc. As a traveller, I find this really smart. When you need something, just head up to the boxes and you can easily put them back so no need to worry of losing them. But remember, avoid parking the car directly under the sunlight :(

See my car makeup video: Getting Ready to IBV First Anniv Party

How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car #2: Choose bb cushion instead of liquid foundation


Choose your makeup packaging that has MIRROR in it because you don't want to bother by some difficulties right? And I prefer bb cushion, it is really practical and easy! You may use primer first before applying base makeup. 

My favorite cushion this year: Missha Brown Cushion Review

How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car #3: No need brush, use fingers!

Yes, no need brush, you can apply the colors with fingers and of course clean with some wet tissues first before do the coloring. I suggest to use creamy pencil eyeshadows so it will be easier to create some shape. Swipe with pinky finger and you have five fingers so you can apply up to five colors lol. Even for any gradation, you can blend with ring finger. Also for eyebrow, eyeliner, blush, creamy pencils are the best! But for some part like contouring I think it's okay to use brush :)

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How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car #4: Use lip liner first.

Unless you want the ombre lips, you need lip liner to define a perfect lips. Simply line the edge of your lip and fill with colors after. It helps a loooooot for applying matte lipstick, you know, glossy one is sheer and could be erased easily with hand or napkin. 

How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car #5: Choose fake lashes instead of curler.

For me curling my natural lashes is a struggle even when I am not inside car :(

How to Apply Makeup in Moving Car #6: Finish the makeup with compact powder.

No loose powder allowed in the car I guess you know why hahaha. Sometimes there's some unblended colors, or fall-out on the cheek. Simply apply the compact powder for the last step, and voila, you will always be flawless! ;)


Those all my little tips for applying makeup in a moving car. But there's a WARNING to remember: DO NOT MAKEUP WHILE DRIVING! This is very important, you can continue when it's traffic or when you are in taxi (someone drive for you). 

Agree? 😉😉

So, what do you think? See you at next post!


  1. Sampai sekarang aku masih suka belepotan kalau makeup di mobil terutama bagian mata. Haha. Nice sharing Gita!

  2. Rapi banget kak mobilnya :)
    Anw, salam kenal ya <3


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