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L’Oreal Paris Infallible UNBOXING and First Impression

Hii sweetheart how was your holiday? Mine was fabulous and in this post I want to unboxing something from L'Oreal Paris Infallible Box wohoooo~!!
Google translate said that in the dictionary, infallible means "incapable of making mistakes or being wrong." Ouchhh what a really strong word, right? :D

Let's talk about these babies one by one shall we? :D
So the box contains:

  • Two Infallible foundations; number 115 Nude Beige (the fairest one) and number 220 Sand

First Impression:
The bottle is quite bulky but you know what, I SUPER LOVE THE FORMULA! Omaigasshhhhh what to say more? The result is matte!! I love matte finish and this is precious, because it has no weird smell, blend easily, has medium coverage, and it's light on the face (feels like applying water)! Super loveeeeesssssss!

I am using the Nude Beige shade. But I guess the Sang one will not too dark for me too lol.

  • Three Infallible Pro Contour & Highlighter Set; number 813 (Light Clear), 814 (Medium Moven), and 815 (Deep Profond)

First Impression:
I am not a big fan of contouring, but I cannot live without highlighter! LOL! I think this super slim packaging is very cool, you got contour and highlight with brush and mirror at the same time. I like this packaging. It's not really pigmented which is GOOD no one wants to look like wearing a mask with contouring. The highlighter has matte finish too, I can combine with some glittery eyeshadow to create the zupa glowing look ;)

  • Four Infallible Lip Liners; Rose, Nude, Red Wine, and Brown

 First Impression:
I am also not a big fan of lip liner (who am I exactly? lol). But sometimes I use lip liners for lining my duck lips to create a perfect plump and full lips, especially with dark lipstick. I find this lip liners are pigmented, easy to roll, and creamy. I like it! Not forget to tell that lip liners can be used as eyeshadow too! :D


  • Six Infallible Two Steps Lips

I got two in one lipstick in one packaging: one is the lipquid (it's liquid), and one is balm. Everybody in this earth knows that wearing matte lipstick could make lips drying, so that's why I think L'Oreal is clever to give us lipbalm too in one package.


the balm

 Yossh here are the swatches on my lips! :D

201 - Everlasting Caramel

123 - Always Almond

113 - Flamboyant Flamingo

221 - Berry Chic

211 - Red Infallible (kinda reminds me of Taylor Swift signature lips)

223 - Mesmerising Merlot

First Impression:
The texture is really super creamy. Finishing is matte but for some color like the "Flamboyant Flamingo" and "Always Almond" they have quite glossy finish. Especially the flamingo one, it has sheer color. My favorite is "Everlasting Caramel" and "Mesmerising Merlot" (what a geek name).

They are really really long-lasting and transfer proof! I am quite surprised with how hard it is to remove (while swatching), and yes it's a good news! ^^

  • One Infallible Setting Spray

First Impression:
This product makes makeup last longer and I believe this will be so much helping when it comes to long event such as wedding or fashion runway. I definitely not forget to bring this baby to work! No major differences with other brands spray, but I like the packaging ;)

Yaaayyyy thankyou Sociolla if you want to buy these babies you may visit HERE for details and purchasing. Use code SBNLAPM0 for discount min 250K.

This is my last photo, with all the contour and highlight done. What do you think? Which product is your holy grail?♡♡


  1. Love your review! curious with the lip product tho 😘

  2. Gitaaaaa why are you so pretty :D gemes deh!

  3. L'Oreal has so many great products. The Red lipstick looks incredible on you!

    1. thankyou shannon i bet it would looks incredible on you too :D

  4. lipstick yg merlot bagus banget git!! gila gw ga sabar banget mau cobain foundationnyaaaaa <3


    1. iyah kannn bagus banget hahaha yuk dicobaaa <3


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