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Pampering my Face with Kose Clear Turn Face Sheet Mask

I can be very lazy, but sometimes you can see me working so hard. That's because I am such a moody girl lol. When it comes to skin care, I sometimes forget to use any cream - thank God people invented mask sheet.

I got this Kose Clear Turn Face Mask at Sociolla. Don't know why the name is "turn face", what a creepy name hahaha. But actually KOSE is one of my favorite brand from Japan. I love mask sheet as well, and am quite picky to buy because not all mask sheet feel good on my face.

I need mask that comes with neutral smell (not even had any scent), and made from organic ingredients. Overall I found this Kose Clear Turn Face Mask Sheet is really moist my face, and has no smell (means no fragrance in it). The most fascinated result after using this mask is: made my face glowing! I didn't expect it really!!! But I realize my skin look glowing and healthy and I can put on my foundation after using this mask for FULL power of flawless skin ^^

One box contains 5 sheet masks.
Will repurchase for sure ♥


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