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REVIEW: The Brow Gal Eyebrow

Hi Gorgeous! Im back with another product review~ This time is The Brow Gal Eyebrow Pencil that is available on Sephora Indonesia. This is my first time hearing The Brow Gal brand. It's an American product and at first I didnt like the logo lol. Let's see what's inside this brow box.

Aww they are the eyebrow (of course) and the concealer + highlighter. Personally I dont prefer eyebrow pencil that should be shaved. And Bryan as the spokeperson from The Brow Gal US came on that day and sharing about the brand with us. As we know America is a very heterogen country with so many races. Sometimes brunette girls are hard to find the best color for their eyebrow - since they dont have blonde or red eyebrow - they have dirty brown color instead. The Brow Gal came for the solution, which is very relevan with Indonesian girls too, right? Korean brand also rarely produce grey eyebrow pencil.

Surprisingly the color is really beautiful! It has a perfect thickness and the pencil is not hard but also not easily broken - its just perfect. What to say, the pencil also not really easily depleted, so no need to be shaved all the time :D

I recommend this eyebrow pencil to everyone who loves and used to wear pencil type of eyebrow. It's worth the price for the size is long enough. Also to everyone who needs soft grey eyebrow color that is perfect for black or silver hair! ^^

I use this The Brow Gal Eyebrow Pencil in some of my videos (subs to my Youtube Channel), and always carry this baby in my everyday makeup pouch :D

What I Like:
♥ Lovely soft grey color
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Has shaver on the packaging
♥ Has spooli on the packaging
♥ Not easily broken 
♥ Not hard texture
♥ Easy to blend

What I Dislike:
* It's hard to create sharp edge since its feathery, but we can use the concealer to re-create the shape :)

What do you think? :D


  1. yaoloh gita, makeup minimal gini aja kece banget......
    tapi bener loh, dulu waktu rambut masih hitam, agak susah kalo nyari pensil alis yang warnanya match... :(

    Jessie | Beauty Appetite

    1. aaa kamu bisaan aja deh ahahha, makasi cantik!
      iyaaa kan seneng klo ada yg greyish gitu warnanya XD

  2. eyebrownya bagus kak, kalau aku sih susah karena gak bisa bikin alisnya.. hehe


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