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Rhea for Freshkon Indonesia Catalog Shot

Hai Babes, how are you? In this post I want to share my latest work with Freshkon Indonesia. I had a lot of fun working with them, actually it didnt feel like working. I won their instagram giveaway and I will be Freshkon's face for catalog! :D

This event managed by my friend, Miharu Julie and team. We took shot at Photolounge Jakarta, and here is three of the lenses I tried yesterday.

I swear it is the most natural contact lens I've ever tried. It has a slight greyish touch but looks sooooo natural like no using any lens. Personally I love grey eyes, they are so mystical to see.

This is far more natural than the first one, I must admit I feel like my own eyes wearing this lens. Dont you think so? :D

This is MY FAVORITE! Super gorgeous lens ever! Look at those pink eyes of mine (zoom please)! I want to wear this lens everyday! Lol~

I am not everyday user of contact lens, I have no minus or plus, but I have astigmatism eyes (poor me, cylinder lens are very rare here). So I use contact lens with no number just to feel the bigger sensation on my eyes *wink*
Freshkon is one of trusted brand in Indonesia, some of my friends also loyal users of Freshkon. It is really comfortable in my eyes.

I was really having fun to had a photoshoot like this, thankyou Freshkon Indonesia for giving me this lovely opportunity. Beside me, there are Querra Mellca, Milokuma, Jessie, and Tiffany - we are proud models of Freshkon! Looking forward to create new projects together! :D
What do you guys think? ^^

Photos by: Dicky Cahaya
Makeup: Veronica Ong


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