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Be Kawaii with Dolly Wink Body and Hand Cream Sweet Doll

Hello Kawaii~!♡♥ Do you like to look Kawaii? I think it's easy to look kawaii, but not everyone could to smell like kawaii. Yessss I know it's confusing. But I tried this Dolly Wink Body and Hand Cream Sweet Doll for many times, and I always feel kawaii XD

Do you know who she is? She's Tsubasa Masuwaka, the founder and creator of Dolly Wink from Japan. She is so lovely! If you are my loyal readers since the first time I started my blog, you knew that I love her style and she's not just a celebrity, she's also a good entrepreneur.

This Dolly Wink body cream sweet doll really makes me smell like a kawaii princess. It has a special sweet scent but not making me puke. I love how soft it is and moist my skin so much. We can have both! Yes!

The texture is soft cream, watery and not bouncy. It's so soft and easy to blend on skin. Super love how it makes my skin glowing! Can you spot the dewy finish look? Next time I will mix some of liquid highlighter with this body cream so I could get a perfect long lasting glowing look! LOL. That's a great idea, right?

I can smell my body for all day long since the scent is so lovely! What do you think? You can buy this at Kay Collection online shop:

Put the code KBARHEAKIM before checkout to get 50K off for minimum 200K purchase :)

See you later, kawaii!


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