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Simple Hairdo With Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron

Hayo pretty ladies, in this post I want to introduce a very cool yet cute hair product: VODANA Glamwave Curling Iron and the travel sized VODANA Pocket Mini Flat Iron. Both of them I got from Charis Official from Korea! 

illustration by me, watercolor on cotton paper

Hair is a great key for someone appearance. Agree? Just change your hairstyle, you'll get a new look for a day! It's magical~

I am a newbie in hairdo things, since I rarely styling my hair, because you know what, I just can't LOL. But as a grown up girl, and a beauty blogger, I want my self to improve and be better to look better everyday. So I decided to learn curling my own hair without any help from anyone. Sometimes I just scared with curler iron, I am afraid to touch my ears with that hot stick. Do you have same struggles with me?

So this is the HAIR DIVA COMBO, a great deal to get both of them. Check more: VODANA GLAMWAVE CURLING IRON you'll get package of:
  1. One glamwave curler, 
  2. mini flat iron, 
  3. mirror, 
  4. mini hair spray, 
  5. a bag of real marshmallow (yes!), 
  6. and traveller universal adapter - what a super nice deal ever.

Now let's move to the products, the Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron has details like how you can control the temperature easily with on and off button. I love how easy this gadget to use.

Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron is a travel sized flat iron that fit in bag, I can bring it anywhere, and it's really light! Super major love with this duo. I mean look at the color: pink and mint, a really cute pair of cuteness!!


So basically just tied up half of the hair and do the curl to the rest of it. Reading is easy I know, but trust me, I learnt how to use this cool hair gadget quickly! Because it is very easy! Where have I been, helllloooowwwww~~??? LOL
The glamwave curling iron has three size: 30 mm, 36 mm, and 40 mm. Mine is 36 mm. It has a kind of clip - what makes it so easy to use. And the cable is 360 scale rotatable!

I will show you how to do it for the first timer I promise, soon on my youtube channel, so you better subscribe now? :D

use the flat iron to style my bangs

cute mirror from the package

Here I am, with my new hairstyle for any occasion. I feel more confident when I got curly hair, feel more Korean too, LOL. What do you think? I am practicing more and more, also with different techniques just with one gadget. Very much interesting, though now I had to wake up earlier to do my hair, but now I am moreeeee happiierrrrr than ever! :")

I did research before in Pasar Baru, a well known market for beauty in Jakarta Indonesia. People usually buy curling or flat iron there (cheaper than the mall). But trust me, in Charis, you'll get the combo with super cheap price even compared with Pasar Baru!!! SHOCKED!!! And you'll get KOREAN STANDARD kind of electronic! Double happiness~

Let's make it triple happiness with: FREE SHIPPING, are you happy enough? :"")
But I don't know when the promotion will end, so please check out the products: VODANA GLAMWAVE CURLING IRON CHARIS

You can also buy just one of them, but trust me the price is really mind-blown and you got more if you buy in combo, I didnt get paid to share this fyi. I always give you the best deals from everything that I tried, well I am not advertising as you know rite ;)
It's a Charis Celeb edition, so you deserve the free shipping thing, and special products recommended by all Charis celeb all over the world!

Buy Charis Vodana Hair Diva Combo (package): click here
Buy Charis Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron only: click here
Buy Charis Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron only: click here


  1. yaampun warna mint nya lucu banget :(

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