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Harden the Beautiful Golden Flower Field

Hey babes! How are yaaaa~ love from Sydney! In this post I want to share about my last road trip to Harden in New South Wales Australia. You guys know that I love road trips, espeially with friends and family! Anyone here love road trip too? Yeaa eventho sometimes its tiring and give back pain but yolo right? lol.

Here are some of my photos from my friend Sigit, he's using real dslr camera so it's ehanching the beauty of the field. Basically this field is belong to someone, we just enter without permission (because none there!) and took pictures. It was around 4 hours from city Sydney to Harden, we knew nothing at all just bring google maps and ready to go!

It is a canola field, canola is flowers and I see canola oil in the supermarket as well so we assumed that this field should be for the oil factory. They are really pretty right...... It was a biigggggg hills surrounded by yellow golden flowers, what a stunning view! Please do watch my vlog, you can see and feel how it was better with video! :D :D

That day was raining all day, tho it wasnt a heavy rain, but still we were wet and did extra efforts for the pictures lol. But it all worth it! Worth every penny, time, efforts, and everything. It was a gloomy day, but we are the one who decide what to feel, and we want to be happy!

Admiring God's creation is a privilege for me, everytime I travel I always feel soooo grateful and believe that God is really the greatest Artist. So when you look at the mirror, you should be PROUD and HAPPY with yourself whatever imperfections you think you have, because God created you perfect and beautiful far more than this field! :)

Don't forget to subscribe me on Youtube yaaa I will post more videos :D so here is the vlog and you can see clearly the place there, also what happenned along the way LOL. Love you guys!


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