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Spring Makeup Tutorial with Sigma Beauty Palette

Hi lovelies! Sorry for a little bit of absence in my blog, but you still love me dont you? :(
So in this post I want to share my look with Sigma Beauty Fall Softly Palette which I got from Sigma Beauty, original and qualified (buy them online only to avoid fake cosmetics!).

Since is coming to Australia this October and I really cant wait to take pictures with blooming flowers everywhere here :D

Actually I created this makeup look already long time ago, and proudly call this "Street Style Spring Look" which I really got inspired by some street fashionistas around the globe (2017 trend of pastels).

This is what I got from Sigma Beauty, you better buy their brushes, all over the world knows its quality and affordable prices! Shop them HERE their collection are always my favorite. My first crush on brush ever. 

This Fall Softly Palette has pastel colors and they are so pretty! Honestly, need more effort for yellowish-undertone-skin-girl like me to pull out the colors on my skin because the pale pastel colors are quite difficult to show up in my skintone. After applying eyeshadow base, you can use some tricks like spraying brush with water to make the color more pigmented.

Browse them HERE.

they are so beautiful~

the color chart

What I Like:
♥ Beautiful pastel colors
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Casein FREE!

What I Dislike:
* Bit powdery
* Need more effort to show on yellowish skintone

I make this Street Spring Makeup Tutorial on youtube, make sure you subscribe me for more videos okay :)

Till next time, love!♥


  1. aku suka deh paletnya. tapi warna gelapnya kurang banyak hihi *banyak mau*

    1. iyaaa itu dia, aku jg suka warna2 gelap ki hahaha

  2. Gita, aku salahfokus sama angle foto-foto produkmu. Kok fresh gitu yah. Simple tapi cakep secakep makeupnya. ahaha. suka deh!

    1. waaaa makasi erny jadi terharu hehe, thankyou darling


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