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REVIEW: Carbon Coco Whitening Kit, Works or Nah?

Hello loves, lately on instagram there were a lottttts of people who tried the whitening kit with charcoal thingy. I've been really curious to try one, since it is quite fun to do at home, cheap if compares to the dentist bleaching, and all natural ingredients which is very good rite. I heard people doing bleaching at dentist has issues with tingling sensation because the chemical hurts the teeth email. While with charcoal, it naturally polishes and scrubs your email so 100% safe to use!

So I just bought this CARBON COCO Whitening Kit the famous black toothpaste all over Instagram lol. Let's see if it could help me whitening teeth. I am soooo curious so lets try.

Actually my original teeth color is not white, most likely about bright ivory. Hahaha. That's absurd, but yeah, my dentist said that's normal, most Asian people has this color as their natural teeth color. Thank mom for giving me a lot of calcium, because dentist said my teeth is very strong and healthy *yay*.

Anyway, hahaha, so this is the kit, comes with Carbon Coco Teeth Polish the black powders of pure charcoal. Brush with it for 3 minutes LONG, yes 3 minutes is so long haha. But yeah, lets do it.

Then brush your teeth with the Carbon Coco Toothpaste like normally you brush your teeth, but in another 3 minutes!

So basically this Carbon Coco Whitening Kit IS NOT gonna give you instant result like bleaching does okay, don't be disappointed to quick. It takes lots of time. People averagely takes 1 week to see real result of whitening. You have to do this ritual twice a day tho. I did not regularly do it. HAHA.
Sometimes when I was too tired, I skipped the tooth polish and just brush with the toothpaste. I am now using this for about 2 months. You judge the result yeah.

This is before and after, sorry about the before picture, bad lighting in the bathroom! Apparently not too much differences, but feels more brighter and healthier! Oyah it can helps with bad breaths too said the advertisement. I never had problem with breath so I think it really does help :)

I think if you do it regularly twice a day it would shows you greater result than mine, and probably the dentist was right tho, I can't have pure 100% super white (natural) teeth, because of genetic. I should go bleaching then if I want a really pure white color, def will do that someday if I have courageous LOL. But I am quite proud of this color right now, at least my teeth are happy healthy and good smell, also brighter everyday with this carbon coco kits.

And since it is not a bleaching so you have to maintain it everyday. Not like the instant bleaching that whitening your teeth and finish. We have to keep using this kit for maintaining the color, ikr, such a good customer engagement lol.

It removes your daily stain that can caused by food, drinks, chemical, cigarettes, and everything. So basically it could be your remedy for everyday. And if you don't use this again, the yellow color will be back to you I guess.

after 1-2 months (no edit!)

this is how i do it


I do recommend you to try this Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening, why? Because it is natural and safe to use, also vegan and cruelty free. Why not hey???

As the result may vary to every person, this kit thing is actually works its job, so give it a go. I wanna know the result in yours :D

Have you guys tried this? Let me know!! xx


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