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Motives Cosmetics Foundation and Lip Palette Review


Hawo ladies how are you! In this post i'm about to share a brand called MOTIVES COSMETICS, some of you might already heard about this brand, but for anyone who wondered, this is an American brand that is NOT available in any store all around the world. Why? Because it is a part of exclusive brand from US. This company has lots of varieties from makeup, skin care, medicine, and also supplement.

But now let's talk about the Motives Cosmetics, what I got is the Foundation in Cream Beige, and Lip Palette with 9 colors inside. Here are my looks using all of the stuff from Motives Cosmetics.

mixing the lips no 2 and 9

Talk about the Motives Cosmetics Foundation first. For me, it has a really nice coverage, and blended really well with my skin color. The stay power is pretty good, oil control is also good. The only thing that I concern is the texture that is a bit heavy, so I just mix it with face oil or moisturiser, that's not a big deal, I love doing that to any other heavy creamy foundation as well.

the colors

I like the texture of the lips, they are not dry on my lips, has a really creamy and nice texture. It's super handy that I can bring it on my pouch to wear in any mood - from light to dark - from satine to metallic to gloss finish. Super loveeeeeee this palette. 

But apparently when you see on the picture below, it's a lil bit hard to differentiate some of the colors, it's because of the finish touch in real life. So lemme explain it one by one baby :)

Upper - No 1, 2, 3 : pinky red, dark brown, tea rose - all satine finish
Middle - No 4, 5, 6 : pinky orange (satine) , brown (metallic), light brown (metallic and this is my favorite!)
Bottom - No 7, 8, 9 : nude (metallic), soft light orange (metallic), clear gloss

lips swatches

Some of the metallic colors remind me with Rollover Reaction Flushed Lip Stain :D 

Here is my 3x3 selfie so you can see more of the colors. The most fun part is I can mix all the colors that I like to create another color! Ulalala~~

I really happy that I can try another makeup brand and I hope this post could inspire or give you thoughts before you buying new makeup :)

If you're interested to try Motives Cosmetics, don't hesitate to visit their website because it's online based only: they have another complete makeup range such as concealers. lipstick, primer, eye palette and everything. They have some of the customers reviews under the product details. Explore more of them on their instagram as well: @motivescosmetics

That's all for now, I'll catch up later with you guys, love you so much! xx


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