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REVIEW: Juva Skin Care for Brightening

Hello Ladies! I'm back with another skincare products to share with! This time I tried JUVA Skincare from Taiwan. It has just arrived in Australia around January 2018. Best known for brightening, Juva Skincare came in a very refreshing and rejuvenating packaging design, don't you agree? :D

Thanks to Beauty Blogger United Australia to let me be a part of this campaign. Super curious about this product. So basically Juva Skincare was made in Taiwan, formulated without fragrance, paraben, and never tested on animals.

At first it feels weird to try skincare from Taiwan, never did it before in my life. Used to love Korean and then moved into Western natural skincare brands. But let's give a go,  I read the ingredients and did a research about Juva, and nothing suspicious at all. It has Fullerene a newcomer thing in the industry that I am so curious about. 

The main ingredient Fullerene, is a Nobel Prize-winning material and has been scientifically proven to be a highly effective antioxidant with more than one hundred supporting research papers. It is efficacious to revitalize and brighten skin with a healthy-looking complexion.
The first thing is: Juva Skincare Brightening Essence

This cute little guy is a serum that goes deeper into your skin and helps with pigmentation and has antioxidant to protect the skin.

It has a refreshing texture that is perfectly blended with high concentrates of fullerene that penetrates the deep into your to start rejuvenating from within and natural moisturizing actives that restore water on the surface keeping your skin hydrated and plump at the same time.
The texture is watery, super light weighted, no smell at all. I used this first before any other products. One bottle can be used for 2 weeks daily. I feel it is not sticky at all, absorbs really fast, and easy to use.

The second step: Juva Skincare Brightening Lotion

The texture is light and creamy. Smell nice, more or less it is a moisturizer that helps to lock all the serum's goodness into your skin - like a more advanced step to boost the work. Very smooth on the skin.

This oil-control hydrating lotion is a must-have for every skin type. The Brightening Lotion has a light texture that absorbs and easily into your skin. This fast-absorbing formula, load with sunflower seed oil, shea butter, glycerin, and fullerene, delivers the long-lasting hydration that your skin needs, and oil-controlling antioxidants that reduces excess shine on your skin for a healthier-looking complexion all day long.
The third step: Juva Skincare Brightening Enhancer

The little spray guy over there, super love the packaging. It is really travel-friendly, put into your bag and mist everytime you feel tired. Can be used as setting spray as well. I just love to spray all over my face and body as well, it is really refreshing! Especially if you put in fridge before use.

Our Brightening Enhancer has a lightweight texture that can be quickly absorbed by your skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Additionally, it enhances the absorption of the subsequent skincare product that you apply on.

Overall, the brand promises me to help with the pigmentation and brightening. I don't really need to lighten up my skin tone at all. But yeah I have a lot of small acne scars that have to vanish! LOL.

After some weeks using Juva Skincare Brightening kit, I feel my skin more hydrated, fresh, and plumper. They didn't break my skin out. I know it will take a longggg time to cure the acne scars, but at least I could see a bright side.

At the moment my skin is not totally transformed yet. I would be very scared if it did! 
I am trying to diligently use this for now. The most good result is it helps the dullness of my skin! At some point, my face doesn't look that tired anymore throughout the day.
Also, my skin texture now getting better, maybe because of the glycerin inside. Good job! I'll keep using this to see the real progress of my acne scars and will let you know later :)

You can learn more about the products:  

Have you ever heard of this brand? Let me know! :)


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