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REVIEW: Hyggee Facial Mist All in One

Hello lovelies how are you! This time I'm bringing up again one of the Charis' nice product for you to see. It's a facial mist called Hygee.

Never heard of the brand before? Here is the introduction of the brand:

HYGGEE takes its name and skin care philosophy from the Danish concept of living well with simplicity. The brand offers multi-tasking products made with high-quality and powerful ingredients to simplify the skin care routine without compromising effectiveness. Entirely manufactured in Korea, HYGGEE's products include the popular All-In-One Essence, All-In-One Cream and All-In-One Mist. 

HYGGE means "source of happiness" in a very simple way. What a nice concept, and elaborate nicely in their style of packaging! Super thumbs up.

Well, I am not used to facial mist before, like, didn't ever really care to include that into my routine. Why? Idk, I always forget to spray! (read: I'm bits lazy lol)

But I guess let's try a new product that I've never used to it before right? It was my challenge to myself. This Hygee Facial Mist all in one can be bought in CHARIS everybody knows Charis! You should visit my shop: I also review some Charis stuff!

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Basically this Hyggee Facial Mist is soothing and hydrating the skin and also at the same time it controls oil/moist inside the skin - so its suitable for ANY skin type.
I have a dehydrated saturated skin since I move to Australia my skin getting drier because of the weather.

what is your hyggee? what is your source of happiness?

mine is: to love and to be loved (awww)

It has a super nice applicator not like cheap kind of spray that mess up everywhere and left your clothes wet! The spray is like very super fine and goes all over the skin nicely. That's why I said the packaging design is soooo good, worth the price!

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super fine mist water size!

What we need to do is just spray once or twice to the face in 20 cm radius. Don't forget to close the eyes otherwise, it would be sore!

The smell is ah-ma-zing! When the mist touched my skin, the smell and the cooling effect are blending in one second, gave me a refreshed feelings of sudden. Since it's not a skincare like cream or serum, it would NOT give you a direct visible result of moist skin or glass skin lalala. It maintains the skin while refreshing it. The size is also nice to carry on my bag every day :)

The price might be a bit pricey than the drugstore brand spray but come on, you know when pricing worth the quality. HONESTLY, I really like this product, it is perfect to keep my face in a nice condition but did not make me dependable on it - if you know what I mean!

If you curious about this product check it here:

Do you usually use facial mist? Let me know! :)


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