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LOREAL Infallible Les Chocolats Pro Matte Lipstick Review Swatches

Hello, liquid lipstick mania! I have a new review and swatches just for you, these are L'Oreal Infallible Les Chocolats Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick (long name huh), the new babies from Loreal Paris that is come to satisfy the chocolate needs of lipstick. I am freaking loving chocolate-based color of lipstick, and it was quite rare to find these type of color tone. 

Thanks to L'Oreal Infallible Les Chocolats series! It is available on Sociolla (click link) to browse and buy them!

They are VERY LONG LASTING, really shocking that the staying power is awesome! Here are the swatches of them. It was very exciting every time I apply the lipstick since it has a really yummy chocolate smell. 

The color list:
842 Candy Man
844 Sweet Tooth
848 Dose of Cocoa
854 Bittersweet
856 70% Yum
860 Ginger Bomb
862 Volupto Choco
866 Truffle Mania

What is your favorite color? Mine is 862 and 866 yes they are really chocolate based colors! :D

And the next package is L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick so these liquids have the same texture and finish with the Les Chocolats Series, it's just they don't have the chocolate scent in it (actually these ones didn't smell anything but lipstick lol).

The colors tend to be more cool-red undertoned, more bold and vivid. Here is the colors list:
352 Shake Down
354 Nudist
358 Cowboy
362 Plum Bum
366 Stirred
368 Matador
370 Roseblood
372 Petal Potion

Actually, the Roseblood one is so pretty like a dead rose color but I don't like the formula, yes it is indeed hard to get a perfectly purple color with a nice texture because as far I know the factory is always struggling with that particular color mix. It is quite hard to blend on lips, but yes what a beautiful color isn't it :)

My favorite from this series is 352 and 362. 

So let's make a judgment! :D

What I Like:
♥ Super pigmented!
♥ Lovely chocolate colors
♥ Longlasting for real
♥ Kissproof, waterproof, anything proof
♥ Soft matte finish
♥ Doesn't dry out my lips

What I Dislike:
* Tacky and sticky on lips at first
* Since it is a matte finish, always created a line inside the lips after some hours
* Need to removed with cleansing oil only! (some might love it)

Overall I like this product, and apply wherever I need a super long lasting makeup for a whole day without worrying touch up. It's a perfect tool for the Indonesian wedding party makeup! LOL!

You can browse and buy them here:  Sociolla (click link) 

can you guess what color is this? :p

What do you think? What's your favorite? :D


  1. I was wondering about this collection so I am glad you posted about it! The shade selection is definitely really beautiful.


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