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Review: The Most Expensive Shampoo I've Ever Bought! | Function of Beauty Review

Too much on Instagram will give you an idea of how to spend money. Usually, my biggest spend is for skincare and makeup. I rarely pay any good attention to my hair care and I think it's the time to really give a nice treatment for them. 

I have several concerns for hair and scalp health such as itchy, dry scalp leads to flakes, and light limp texture, but my core problem above all is hair fall. Tried so maaaany products from the mainstream brands to organic-plant-based products, but never really feel any difference.

Then I discovered this brand Function of Beauty since it was literally every day on my Instagram ads. They must have been so serious about advertisement techniques: habits & familiarity. Been seeing the posts about them for so long but just now I had the urge to buy it (it's about time, eh?).

I noticed a couple things about this brand before decided to purchase:
  1. They claim to have 5 stars rating on the website, however the Instagram comments state otherwise.
  2. I read a lot of the reviews and comments about this brand and the result is 50% love it 50% hate it, like never in between!
  3. A lot of people are angry because apparently, the customer service isn't really helpful with email order confirmation, DM replies, etc.
  4. It takes sooooo long from the order to when you received the products.
But it made me more curious to try it and they are super expensive like the most pricey shampoo I will ever use! Let's see if this fancy shampoo works for me? :)

Comes with a cute box and sticker + personalized card

Function of Beauty hair care is working for your personal needs. When you are about to buy their products, you have to go thru some quizzes to find out the best formula. That's the idea of "function" came from I guess, you know, scientific formulation.

How the quiz will look like (1/4)

So I filled out all of my hair profile and concerns (look at the photo below). So excited when the package came. It was really a long time to wait, almost 1 month! I placed an order on April 3, received shipping confirmation on April 13, and finally get the package on April 23 (total wait is 20 days, you can judge is it fast or not).

The main reason it took so long for them to deliver is: they customized every order and each ingredient is different, so it's like queueing literally. I don't mind too much for this issue, but if you read their Instagram comments, people are raging because their orders come so long for more than 2 months!

All orders will come with cute stickers. I am a sucker for stickers!

Why I said it's the most expensive hair care I've ever bought? Because just for 16oz / 473ml shampoo + 5oz / 148 ml hair mask, it cost me US$ 57.23 (with a $5 shipping fee to Canada). I was so shocked by the total price but really wanted to try lol.

Keep scrolling down for the real review of 1-month usage. Please appreciate my aesthetic still life pictures haha.

Hair mask consistency

Shampoo consistency

Such a beautiful color and texture.



Is the Function of Beauty Shampoo worth the price?

The short answer according to me, yes, despite the crazy price that chokes on my wallet, I would say this shampoo is decent for anyone who has such complicated hair concerns. They can even help people with coily hair type.

It has 16oz or 473ml of shampoo that probably can last me for 3 months. I just need 3 full pumps every time I wash my hair. The price is different for each person considering sizes and function: Available in 8oz and 16oz sizes (USD$39 - USD$49).

Texture: 7/10
It has a great thick texture that will melt into bubbles once blended with water. It's super thick, nearly like a concentrate! Probably next time I will mix it with water first then apply on hair. Sum up, I like the thick texture with medium bubbles.

Scent: 9/10
You can choose the smell on your own! I chose rose this time. I love the smell I don't lie, it is really long-lasting! Especially the hair mask, even more long-lasting!

Effectiveness: 6/10
Been using this for 1 month, and didn't really see a significant change in terms of my hair fall numbers (not counting it but I collect them before throw away to the bin). A lot of people on Instagram were disappointed because the Function of Beauty shampoo made their hair fall even worse. I was kind of worried, but somehow it triggered my curiosity more.
Turned out, didn't really help my main concern, but not worsen the problem either...... So 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Packaging: 10/10
I am such a sucker for something pretty, and this brand really nails how to please my eyes! You can customize the colors for everything: shampoo, hair mask, conditioner. And they come with a cute bottle (I don't think the plastic is compostable BUT it is reusable so I will definitely use this for something else after). The packagings are so photogenic. You can experiment with a lot of photography style and they are still pretty on picture.


Is the Function of Beauty Hair Mask worth the price?

The short answer according to me, not really. I thought the mask could nourish the scalp and the hair roots like other hair masks do. But the instruction said to avoid the scalp and roots. So, it's basically just for your hair strands which is ridiculous! That is a conditioner's job and hair mask is supposed to treat the scalp and roots! Well, I still can forgive them because the smell is AMAZING and lasts quite long! For a $19 and 5oz / 148ml thick mask, I am good with it now but maybe not gonna repurchase the mask.


To sum everything up, I'd say you can give this brand a try for once and see if you love it or not. Especially if you have a complicated hair condition that needs customized hair care. I love the fact that they are cruelty-free, vegan, and clean. You can check the Function of Beauty brand value for more info.

Kk, what do you think, guys? I will keep you updated on my Instagram about this products so please kindly follow me there too @rheakim :D

Till next time ;)



  1. This was such an interesting read. It is fascinating that some people love the brand and others hate it. Certainly very polarizing! Considering you mentioned people talking about poor customer service, I am glad you were able to receive your order without too many hiccups. The packaging is wonderful and I love the idea of more customized hair care products. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts on this brand.
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. Yes very polarizing, I know rite! Thanks so much for caring and the warm comment, Shannon xoxo

  2. wow!! I didn't know about this shampoo that looks great!
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