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BBQ by the Fire, Squamish Getaway from Corona Madness

24 May 2020, today mark the 68th day we are at home for Corona quarantine. I am very much thankful because Vancouverites are very discipline with the "stay home" rules. I wouldn't say "happy" but I do really grateful for BC's curve towards the Corona cases. We are pretty much doing the protocol together and help the curve to stay super low compared to other provinces in Canada. Hopefully this pandemic is over soon! And per today, the BC government is allowing some business to open like restaurant, office, retail, salon, and some other stuff - with extra supervision. People are also allowed to gather with a limited number.

Anyway, we went to visit my girlfriend Hana for her birthday celebration. She lives with her fiance in Squamish, about 1 hour from Vancouver. Far far away from the busy life, Squamish is a very beautiful small town with majestic mountains surround and also lakes/rivers.

We've planned this Barbeque day for a long time, but Corona makes it impossible to do it, and now is the best time since the government is giving us more permission.

Also after a year and half of not playing with dogs, I might be the happiest girl in the afternoon to be able to play freely with their dogs Poncho and Lowkey. They are so well trained and adorable! You can tell from their attitudes that they are in a very good hand.

Poncho is learning how to use the iPhone.

My girlfriend Hana is from the Czech Republic. We met at Cypress Mountain when we both worked there as baristas. She is a very beautiful lady that will take care of you because she loves it. She is basically an angel hehe.

Jesse, Mathieu, Hana, me

Jesse is the crazy good at cooking. He made us gigantic pork ribs BBQ with baked potatoes and pulled-beef! THOSE AMAZING food really made me eat like a monster! Cheers to Hana for the healthy salad too!

BBQ, wine, dogs, besties, what else could be better?

Having girls wine: Rosé

Finally, the top note of the party: the campfire baby! Just sitting by the fire with each other companion, talking about life, playing guitar, and be grateful for everything we have today.

Well, there is nothing much going on in this post but I just wanna share my pieces of life here, I'm doing well despite everything that's going on. GOD is good all the time. 

Maybe I would encourage you guys to think about your loved ones, family, friends, and whoever you care about. Even tho you can't see them in person, let them know that you love them. A simple text or 2 minutes video call could mean so much for someone ya know.

Having a great afternoon with my friends like this remind me again about:
I don't need large groups of friends as long as I have some that really cares, and I care for them. Removed some toxic friends from my past life were hard but I am grateful I did! Surround yourself with people who are uplifting, supportive, and sincere. And most importantly - be that kind of person.

Till next time, and be safe :)



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