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What About Natural Skincare and Makeup Performance? | Birch Babe Naturals Review

Rhea Gita wearing all makeup from Birch Babe Organics

Back again with the natural and organic-themed beauty! As the popularity goes higher, you can tell there are more skincare and makeup brands that put the word "natural" on their products. But I would like to suggest you look beyond the tagline. Support a company that you can trust. Let me share with you how.

Aside from the company integrity, I am sure we are all looking for products of good quality, especially when it comes to makeup and skincare. When natural is not enough, performance is still the number one checklist to pay attention to.

Birch Babe by Rhea Gita blog

Let me introduce you to a brand I just tried for a couple of months, Birch Babe Naturals. It's a Canadian beauty brand that provides a variety of natural and/or organic skincare and makeup products. As good as it sounds, I tried some of their products to see how far natural makeup can perform.

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Birch Babe Lip Cheek tint by Rhea Gita blog

Birch Babe Natural Lip and Cheek Tint - Backcountry Diva

It is not a new thing that you can use color pigment for eyes, lips, or, cheek at the same time. I just fell in love with this color since the beginning I stalked their website. Look at this gorgeous warm-reddish color, how beautiful and sexy at the same time! (this color always gets me btw).

Texture & Scent
Creamy and blendable. Perfect for application with just a finger. It's very easy to apply and glides perfectly on your skin/lid/lips. The only concern is: this product contains peppermint oil which has a great smell (if you like the minty scent), but it can be tricky when you apply on your eyelid as it stings a little bit just because, you know, it's mint.

Amazing. Just like other commercial lip colours out there, Birch Babe Natural Lip and Cheek Tint is really doing a good job. Last for long on your lips/skin. For me, the best part is: you don't have to worry if you eat or lick your lips since all the ingredients are natural without harmful chemicals! Isn't that amazing, an edible lipstick is all I need for my whole life! NO MORE nasty lipstick-smell that lingers on your lips~

Birch Babe Backcountry Diva by Rhea Gita blog

Birch Babe Mineral Sunscreen by Rhea Gita blog

Birch Babe Mineral Sunscreen

Because wearing sunscreen is important, I really make sure mine are always natural. Remember that sunscreen should be used every day, not just when you want to go to the beach.

Texture & Scent
Just like other natural homemade sunscreens, this one has a nice creamy white texture with no scent at all.

I love this sunscreen because it's marine safe, which means there are no harmful ingredients that can cause destruction to the reef and wildlife! That is the most important thing for me to find in sunscreen! But you can also use this for everyday-sunscreen. I just prefer to not use it for my face since it leaves a white cast under the makeup. Has UVA+UVB broad-spectrum protection in SPF 30 which is great!

Birch Babe Mineral Sunscreen by Rhea Gita blog

Birch Babe Natural Mascara by Rhea Gita blog

Birch Babe Zero Waste Natural Mascara

Made from all-natural oils, butter, and clay, this zero waste mascara is the most unique product ever for me! Like I cannot believe we can use natural stuff for this guy! I ain't a big user of mascara but I was really curious to try.

Texture & Scent
As expected, it has a nice firm texture. Unlike the other products, Birch Babe mascara is "dry" and you need water to activate the pigment. They sell the mascara wand separately and you just need to damp the brush and stroke to your lashes like usual. No smell at all.

I could say this mascara is not waterproof, which is understandable given the fact that it's a natural cosmetics. If you are looking for a waterproof one, maybe this is not for you. But if you are good with just regular mascara, you should try this one. Also, I don't think this mascara can last for so long compared to commercial ones, but that could depend on your eyelid shape too. My lid is kinda overlap the lashes so any mascara would uncurl my lashes after some time, sad I know.

It's very easy to remove, even just water can completely clean them, and that is very convenient! No hassle for just removing mascara that sometimes pulls out your lashes too.

Birch Babe Glowing Body Oil

Birch Babe Glowing Body Oil - Chantilly

I am such a sucker for all body oil in the world. Since I'm not a fan of body cream or butter or lotion, oil is the best alternative for me to pamper my skin, plus body oil never fails to give me a little glow naturally! Who's with me? :p

Texture & Scent
Oh, how I LOVE the smell and texture altogether *cry happily. I am not exaggerating but this Chantilly body oil is really lovely, with bergamot + patchouli + tangerine oils, the aroma is so refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Formulated with avocado oil, witch hazel and rosewater, you will love how your skin glow and plump!

Since all the ingredients are natural, you cannot expect the glow to last for hours (that's not fair). Do not compare with the high-end glowing body product that can illuminate your skin for so long. For a natural product, I love the natural glow it gives + how it makes my skin feel so soft and plump. 

Birch Babe Natural by Rhea Gita blog

Here's a quick makeup tutorial with Birch Babe products for you to see the performances. Check out also how to take aesthetic selfies with flowers only on my Instagram @rheakim and don't forget to follow me there if you like my content ;)

Don't forget to use my code GITABIRCHBABE10 for 10% OFF. Explore this page for more discount codes!

Till next time! xx


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  1. Oh wow. That lip and cheek tint looks SO gorgeous! I love the colour and it is even better that it is natural!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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