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Preparing Wedding for My Girl in Covid19 Season | Vancouver Wedding

Covid 19 created all the hassle in the world, it's an unfortunate event we need to accept for the whole of 2020. And just like all the struggles, there is always good news along the way. One of my bestie, Hana, decided to move forward in her life together with her Mr. Right. 

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And of course, just like another bride-to-be, everything is making her stressed out! lol. I am kinda used to this mood and situation maybe because I was working with Brides all the time back then. I actually love to help people preparing their wedding! 

So Hana was preparing the (Covid) wedding in less than a week, curious? I'll tell ya, keep reading :p

Note: this post is a late post. The rules might have changed now, please be a mindful reader and keep up-to-date with the current situation of your area. Thank you.

Hana's makeup and photo by me

Date and Time

So the major question is: why so rushed? Usually, couples will plan their wedding up to a year before the day. Well, I guess my hommies need something different to rush the adrenaline? Lol, no. Blame everything on Covid, please. They have been looking for a perfect date since the Canadian and BC government keep changing rules and restrictions for events and stuff. And we are good citizens.

And after so many headaches watching the rules and weather forecast, Saturday, November 28th 2020 is the perfect date! We've got the weekend, sunny day, and rules obeyed!

Tips on preparing a wedding during pandemic season #1: Do NOT force your agenda all the time, please be safe and following the rules of your government. I know the wedding is your big day, but we need to be more mature in this case. I suggest having a smaller event and be as flexible as possible in terms of all details.


After so many phone calls that got rejected, finally Jesse found a place that can hold the wedding ceremony! At the moment, the government only allows a maximum of 6 people for any gathering and also with the immediate households only, meaning that you can only meet someone that you are close with!

So Jesse and Hana picked a place named "Porteau Cove", a big public place near Squamish. Nobody is going there, it was just us, 6 of us. Quiet, no hype, no crowd, everybody not touching anybody (except the couple of course lol). Rules are taken seriously, my friends!

Tips on preparing a wedding during pandemic season #2: Pick a very quiet public place with almost no one going there. This is for you and everyone's safety. Think about another photoshoot later after the covid ends, you can re-rent the wedding dress and take as many pictures as you want! But for now, just focus on the essential meaning of your wedding.

Social distancing wedding (except the couple of course) lol.

My favorite shot! Loki and Poncho are such good bois.

Makeup and Wardrobes

Usually, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment where you want to be extra. So you will book your favorite makeup artist, designer, florist, cake, and every little thing that is exciting to plan! But since covid, all dreams are shattered... But, thankfully Hana got me! :p

Tips on preparing a wedding during pandemic season #3:
 Have yourself help from someone close to you. Either your siblings or best friends, don't be shy or hesitate to ask for their help! In times like this, the immediate people in your life are needed the most, and if you know your immediate person is preparing a wedding - please lend a hand to help them! It will mean the world to them!!

Tips on preparing a wedding during pandemic season #4: What a wedding without your dream costume right? I suggest shopping online if you can, or sew yourself, or if you need to rent, make sure you have a long checklist. Either the classic white gown or casual nightdress, makes sure you check the bridal thoroughly, are they following the safety standard? Is the studio clean enough? Did they dry clean the dresses? How are you going to return the dress? What is the rating on social media? 

Without covid, those researches are necessary, with covid those are extremely important, girls!

Party and Celebration

In my root culture, usually, a wedding needs to be grande, to invite all people you know because we value connections. From family to friends of families, sometimes the couple even doesn't recognize some guests lol.

Tips on preparing a wedding during pandemic season #5:
 Gotta stay small my friends. Check (again) with your country/city safety rules. Recommended finding a restaurant with a large patio as well.
I know it will be so disappointing but just remember that you can re-do the party someday after this pandemic ends! Guess what, on the other side, you may save a lot of money this time tho!

My gift for the newlywed couple. You can purchase and customize the date this too here

Well, that's all my friends, please be safe wherever you are and know that this too shall pass :)

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful and cheers to all of you whose preparing wedding, pray for me so I can follow you soon :p

Till next time,


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