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Backstage Makeup for Itpc Vancouver x Entin Gartini Batik Runway

I am honored to be a part of ITPC Vancouver x Entin Gartini Batik Runway on Aug 28, 2021. It was such a beautiful show and I did the makeup for all the 6 models. 

Entin Gartini is an Indonesian designer who lives in Quebec. She was recently awarded "The Best Designer 2021" by Ottawa Awards. Her collection always includes a Batik pattern, that proudly represents Indonesia.

Keep reading to see more of the pictures and how I performed at backstage :p

Gita Lesmana and her models lol

Enny (the hairdo artist) and me

Enny, Entin Gartini, and me

To be honest, I was pretty nervous and excited at the same time. It's such a great experience for me and I would love to do my very best. I have been sketching the makeup for quite a time before finally decided to go with blue-purple liner + wispy lashes to accommodate Entin Gartini's color palette.

I have my backstage experience with Vancouver Fashion Week 2 years ago (before C*vid attacks), and I told myself it'll be fine. But you know, on the very day, my hands were shaking lol. I did my first model for a bit longer than I've expected. So all the models were ready at 9 am and I did the makeup right away. Enny also moved so fast with the hairdo, she did a really good job.

Then Karen from ITPC Vancouver came and told me "Please keep the track of the time because we have to do a rehearsal at 11:30," - I looked at the clock and sh*t it was already 10 am and I still working on one model! Without further ado, I quickly rushed into the second model and so on. I put some false lashes for the model but apparently fake lashes are a BIG NO for backstage makeup since they took forever to apply.

Finally, they're ready at exactly 11:30!! I feel soooo relieved and proud at the same time. Plus, after the tense period, my adrenaline calmed down and I can feel my back pain afterward HAHA.


I am so lucky and blessed to be a part of this amazing event. Many many thanks to ITPC Vancouver team: Pak Robby Handoko, Kak Putrie, Karen, also the consulate of Indonesia in Vancouver (KJRI), Entin Gartini herself, and other people who trust me for this project.

Ok friends, here are some more shots from the event!

The "behind-the-event" team! Kuddos all of you!

Here's the 1-minute video recap of the show. Thank you so much for always supporting me and my works! If you like, visit the Gita Lesmana website to see all of my portfolios.

 Until next time <3


Batik collection by Entin Gartini | @entin_gartini

Fashion Makeup by Gita Lesmana | @rheakim.brush

Backstage Hair by Enny KY | @ennyky

Photo by Fery Lim | @fery_lim85

Video by Vincent | @vincent_letsgo

Courtesy of ITPC Vancouver | @itpcvancouver_ca


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