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WBCo Soap Brows Bar Review + Tutorial: Bushy Eyebrows Grooming With Soap

Beautiful products. The very first impression I had with this brand WBCo. (West Barn & Co) from the UK is, beautiful. 

I bet you feel the same way. Basically, this is a set of WBCo Soap Brows Essentials that contain 1x WBCo Soap Brows, 1x WBCo Prep Mist Spray, and 1x brow brush.

If you are a beauty junkie, you probably noticed a brow trend in around 2019-2020 up until now, bushy eyebrows. It's a technique where you brush all the hairs up and usually, people were using eyebrow gel. But since the "zero-waste" or eco-friendly movement coming along, people start to concern about all those packagings + the price was never cheap. The all-time popular one was Benefit Brow Setter Gel.

But judging by these gorgeous packagings, do you think WBCo Soap Brows could be cheaper than Benefit Cosmetics? And how about the performance? Keep reading my love! ;)

I am such a sucker for beautiful and eco-friendly packaging

WBCo. claims that they were the first brand who popularize the soap for bushy brows, well who knows, since a lot of beauty influencers were using a regular body soap bar to keep their eyebrows on point - and it works!

But for sure this tiny soap bar by WBCo would be PERFECT for your vanity and also travel friendly, compared to your regular body bar. For all of these babies I paid 52 CAD (include shipping because you will get free shipping on a minimum of 49CAD). You can change the currency on their website to whatever you want. 

Is WBCo Soap Brows Essentials Worth the Price?

Hmm, it is quite expensive indeed, but I think this is worth it because you can actually use the brows soap for so looong and the brow brush for forever. The only thing I feel a bit much is the Prep Mist, it's just 30ml for 22CAD (single bottle). You can browse the set here.

The WBCo brows brush is nice, I like the minimalist design and those brushes are pretty sturdy, perfect to comb all the bushy hair and love the spoolie as well. I will keep this brush forever and hopefully it is durable enough to support my plan lol.

It's so nice to brush your brows with this type of brush.

WBCo Prep Mist has three flavours: coconut (clear), peppermint (blue), and watermelon (pink). I just can't imagine the peppermint one, probably very refreshing but could be minty on my eyes haha.

I chose the coconut because the design would be super pretty with the clear color + I love the coconut smell.

The WBCo Prep Mist Review?

It's a really nice spray though the coconut scent is a little bit too much for me. The nozzle is perfect, overall is nice, just it's super small... BUT super gorgeous to bring everywhere in your pouch or simply decorate your vanity, isn't it? 

So you will need water to activate the soap just like a regular soap bar and this mist comes in handy to help with that + you can spray it to your face for refreshment.

My plan is I will keep the bottle forever too haha, just refill the water with normal water or hydrating toner.

My favourite shot of them.

And finally the main reason I found WBCo is their soap brows (thanks to Google). It's a clear and dense soap with no smell at all. Just spray water on it, rub your spoolie and style your brush. See my tutorial down there for inspiration :)

How About WBCo Soap Brows Performance? 

If you want to compare with Benefit Cosmetics Brow Setter Gel, that one could keep your brows stay in shape longer, BUT, (yes, there is a but), I will still prefer WBCo Soap Brows because of their natural ingredients, vegan formula, non-tested on animals, and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging! What a perfect package for my belief!

My brows can stay strong in shape for more than half a day, that's not bad considering my brows hair are really thick and heavy! It is not waterproof (of course obv it's a soap), but it deals pretty great with my sebum and sweat! :D

I mean, non-tested on animals is a bare minimum standard for me to finally throw my wallet for a brand. I hope you do this too for the sake of those furry babies. The number 2 priority is natural ingredients, followed by vegan and eco-friendly packaging. I know it's hard to have all together :( but hey, thanks WBCo for making those 4 checklists fulfilled!

The back information in case you wonder.

The texture of fresh soap brows.

This is the application on 1 brow to compare. I have a very hairy brow with a thick hair texture. Sorry I didn't shave my brows for this picture below, just wanted to show you how originally it would look like on natural brows :)

West Barn & Co Brand And Product Takeaways

I'd say you should try this brand if you are looking for natural soap brows that could groom your bushy brows naturally. The price is good enough since you can use this for a long time + they can do free shipping with this set. For now, I'm happy with the products, I feel happy to pay the price also because I appreciate the designer behind the products + you can tell the quality of the packaging and whole experience! Such a good job!

Left: with soap brows | Right: without anything

Here is my "how to groom and style my bushy eyebrow" along with my current everyday glowy makeup. Please follow me on Instagram if you like, and I hope this review can help you to decide your next purchase.

Till next time,

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