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Does Waterless Shampoo Works? | Everist Review | Zero Waste Bathroom

Sept 23, 2021 - The first day I tried the waterless concentrated shampoo and conditioner from a brand called Everist. It's a Canadian company that provides less-to-zero-waste bathroom essentials. Recently they also launched the waterless concentrated body wash (will review the body wash soon). So keep on reading if you are wondering, does waterless shampoo really works?

Basically, Everist Shampoo and Conditioner have a super concentrated creamy texture that will melt into bubbles when you rub it with a splash of water. The ingredients are powered by plants but backed by science. You can read ALL of the ingredients they use and also what they will not use here.

Since I am committed to cruelty-free beauty now, hearing them being vegan is a great brand first impression though sometimes I still doubt the product's performance. Plus they're making efforts to become less-to-zero-waste with the packaging and stuff, I really want to support this company.

Frankly, my hair condition is not bad but not good either. I've never really put my hair as a priority but I don't abandon them, hope you get what I mean lol. The thing is, I wanted to take care of them more.

Hair condition BEFORE (September 2021). Product used: regular shampoo bar with no conditioner.
  • A lot of hair fall
  • Dry from the middle to the end of the hair
  • Gets oily and the scalp will be itchy after 2 days of no shampooing
  • Not dull but not shiny either
I was okay with those conditions above this whole time. I never really liked using a conditioner because usually, it will make your hair look thinner.

Guide of usage - credit to Everist Instagram

It's really nice to have a concentrated shampoo that you can carry everywhere without the bulk and weight. I really love the concept of removing all the water from bath products since almost 80% of the ingredients of traditional shampoo were only water - like why do you need extra water in the shower right?

Everist waterless shampoo will melt into bubbles when you rub it into your palm with a splash of water. Then you can clean your hair like usual. Oh, also they will send you a pouch in the beginning. Please remember to keep the cap and send it back to Everist once the pouch is full with the plastic cap!

Hair condition AFTER (December 2021). Product used: Everist waterless shampoo + conditioner.
  • My hair still falls a lot, not sure if the shampoo works for that
  • Hair does become smoother, smells good, and is bouncy
  • Less oily, I can wash my hair the other next day (like once in 3 days)
  • Feel good to not waste any plastic

To sum up everything here is my experience so far.

What I love about Everist Shampoo and Conditioner:
  • NO PLASTIC baby, I am really supporting this movement!
  • All-natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients!
  • Very easy to travel with, light for your bag, and simple to use
  • Smell heavenly, I really love the scent like really love it
  • Super fun and aesthetic looking (great for decorating your bathroom if you care)
  • Does make my hair smoother and bouncy
  • Less oily scalp. I can stay longer without washing (lol maybe I'm just lazy)

What I dislike about Everist Shampoo and Conditioner:
  • To be honest, it's not that affordable for people with thick hair like me. I cannot have 30 washes with one tube, because at least I need 5cm for one time wash. 
  • To produce the bubbles, you need extra work, rub a lot (like a lot) on your palm and try to not drop the cream down - that's the challenge.
  • The tube-squeezing was fun at the beginning but it gets harder to push especially when the product is almost empty.

Shop Everist Shampoo & Conditioner

Here is a video showing the texture and feel. If you want, follow me on TikTok @rheakim23, I don't post there often tho, I just can't find a reason to own a lot of social media accounts lol.
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Till next time, xo


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