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Saya Sungguh Lelah Sekali

Photo by: @Amelleo88

Saya lelah sangat, teman-teman.. Bukan, bukan karena habis aerobik atau kecapekan bekerja. Saya lelah melihat timeline Facebook saya beberapa minggu belakangan ini. Sudah ditahan-tahan tapi sekarang saya merasa penat jadi ya saya tumpahkan saja semua melalui tulisan, apalah yang…

Pengen Banget Jadi Beauty Blogger? Baca Dulu Deh~

Hai, bisa sampe kebuka post ini pasti penasaran maksud judulnya apa kan? Saya mau curhat loh, kalau mau terusin baca monggo.. Kalau nggak ya langsung close window aja, soalnya post ini ga ada gambarnya, tulisan doang..  :)

Urban Life 101


Hai dunia maya! Apa mood-mu hari ini? Semoga semua dalam kondisi baik ya. Aku mau sharing nih tentang sebuah pengalaman baru yang kujalani *iringan musik mellow* beberapa bulan terakhir. Bisa jadi ini juga adalah pengalaman yang sudah atau sedang teman-teman rasakan juga, yaitu:

STORY: Just a Letter

Dear, my first love.

Hello. It's been a quite long time that I haven't heard your voice. Have I told you that I miss your laugh? Or how bad it is to not seeing your foolish faces. Or just looking at you sleeping in my bed. What are you doing there? Is everything going very well as you alwa…

A Little Rambling in Late May


When I wrote this post, I had my flu and it loved me so it still in my body for about 4 days T__T I hate flu, and cough, I just can't do my works and even update my blog.

I want to share a little ramblings. If you want to read, thankyou so much, if not, it's okay, no one loves sad sto…

Miss Rhea's 1st Giveaway's Winner!


I'm back with the Giveaway Winner!! Hmm, I should write this post with Bahasa I guess, because I know this post's reader will mostly Indonesian pretty ladies, for I used to hold a local giveaway ^^

*Turn On Bahasa* (slapped! lol)

Terima kasih banyak buat semua yang berpartisipasi, juga buat semua yang kasih selamat, makasih yaa,  aku menganggap kalian temen2 cewekku, meskipun kita ga perna ketemu T__T yahh boleh lah kapan2 diatur gitu waktu biar kita ketemuan *cium cium pelok*

Aku kaget juga ternyata yang berminat ikut giveaway aku lumayan banyak, wah lain kali aku harus bikin giveaway dengan 10 pemenang deh *cek dompet*

Jujur, aku baca semua komentar dan blog post yang dibuat oleh sebagian dari kalian semua, aku bukain page nya satu2, liatin komen dan mempelajari kata2nya.
As I said before, I count every effort from you and I do really appreciate that! :)

Absconding Reality New Photo Sessions


What's up, Lads. I want to share my happiness with you all. Like I said before, I am in my progress of building my own photography house. I think I am on my way now. I named it Absconding Reality. I've got philosophy in that name and logo, not just flattering around with branding identity, since I am a designer, too ^^

my logo
In short, I want to take you far far away from your reality, and become someone else for a moment, where you usually just dream about it.

Read more about my whole story and photo session? :)

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing


I don't know why today I was so melancholy. I couldn't stop listening to David Cook's song - I don't wanna miss a thing. Yes. It is Aerosmith's but Cook make it with a new style.

I love this song really much, for me, this song means a lot. It just like bring an old memory that cold not come back to me :'D
But it's not the reason why I love this song. The lyric is so romantic, I can feel that a guy loves his girl so much so he couldn't help to lose her!

If there is anyone who did not know the song, please download here. It is truly recommended. It may be an old song, but the meaning will remain forever in our heart.

Awkward Late Night Ramblings


I am sorry to not giving beauty review, nor food review, but a rambling instead :(

I feel so terrible today. My hamster gave birth of 7 rat pups!!! Aeerrrhhhjjjjjghghghhg and I really don't know what to do, OMG.

This is my first time to see those red little rats crawling to their mother tha…

Most Particular Desease For Pets

Since I lost my very best friend, Taro, I try to learn more about deseases that could infect our lovely pets. So, among all of the desease, I found that only 5 deseases that usually attack pets and can causing death. Here they are (sorry I will not insert any picture, because those pictures co…

God's answers..

Kamu bilang: "Ga mungkin banget"
Dia bilang: "Tidak ada hal yang mustahil" (Lukas 18:27)
Kamu bilang: "Aku capek banget sama semua ini" Dia bilang: "Aku akan memberikan kelegaan padamu" (Matius 11:28)
Kamu bilang: "Ga ada seorangpun sayang padaku" D…

The Man Who Can't be Moved - The Script

Going back to the corner where I first saw you
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I'm not gonna move
Got some words on cardboard, got your picture in my hand
Saying if you see this girl can you tell her where I am

Some try to hand me money, they don't understand
I'm not broke I'm just a brok…

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